What Should I Double Major In? 6 Combinations You Might Consider

Ginger Abbot

Feb 24, 2023

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Double majoring is an excellent investment of your time and money in many instances. Students who pursue two distinct fields for a single degree open themselves up to a more well-rounded education, diverse skillset, and several career opportunities with potentially higher earnings.

Conversely, not every degree program is suitable for double majoring. Some people even argue that some employers tend to overlook the value of a job applicant’s efforts in pursuing two areas of study. Nevertheless, a 2018 College Board study demonstrated that about 30% to 40% of undergraduate students choose to double major in the United States. 

Of course, combining two degrees takes a bit of thought — and ultimately depends on your career objectives, your interest level in each topic, and your commitment to learning. If you’ve recently decided to double major, you might consider these six pairings to best achieve your academic and professional goals.

1. Business and Art

Unfortunately, a high level of creative skill is not always enough to guarantee your success as an artist. Art careers — art directors, fashion designers, special effects artists, fine artists, etc. — are notoriously difficult to obtain with slow projected job growth of 4% in the coming decade. 

While job prospects are slim in the art field — unless you find a way to sell your work for a steady income — you could potentially give yourself a competitive edge by double majoring in business. After all, marketing your art and managing sales requires understanding business concepts and processes.

Art majors learn early on in their degree programs about the potential challenges they’ll face throughout their careers. Success in this field demands effort — and cultivating a sound marketing strategy. A double major in art and business will help tie two unlikely areas together and help you communicate better with clients.

Likewise, business majors may benefit from gaining creative skills that appeal to employers. Creativity leads to innovation, which is of great value in business and steers the industry forward.

2. Marketing and Communications

According to Pew Research Center, about seven in 10 Americans use social media to connect with other people and brands, read about current events, share content, and seek entertainment.

Of course, the social media frenzy hasn’t gone unnoticed by companies who’ve created entire teams dedicated to user data analyses, strategizing, and implementing social media marketing campaigns to increase engagement and revenue.

Students in marketing degree programs may take classes to gain comprehensive knowledge about digital marketing for products and services. Yet, knowing how to effectively utilize social media for business is futile if you can’t communicate with your target audience.

However, double majoring in marketing and communications will teach students how to engage with a company’s consumer base, attract new customers and investors, and develop constructive brand-to-consumer relationships that last.

3. Public Policy and Environmental Science

Presently, we live in an era where climate change has become a prevalent global, economic, psychological, political, and human issue. As such, nature lovers may take their passion for the outdoors and apply it to their academic careers.

Students pursuing environmental science take a series of technical and theoretical coursework that enables them to analyze and develop solutions for current and future environmental issues. However, creating real positive change requires participation from the masses — particularly politicians. 

Combining your environmental science major with a public policy degree will help build your advocacy skills through non-profit work or the political realm. 

Double majors in environmental science and public policy pave the way for employment in non-profit organizations focused on protecting the environment and inspiring citizen involvement. Additionally, those who enter politics will need to be well-versed in today’s most pressing environmental issues.

Suppose you intend to work in the environmental field but are interested in publicizing your research and findings. In that case, a double major in environmental science and public policy may be the ticket. 

4. Economics and Psychology

The economics and psychology fields may not seemingly have common ground; however, understanding how people think and behave proves beneficial when analyzing financial, political, and social systems.

Economists are responsible for identifying scarce commodities and finding ways to use resources more efficiently. Paired with a background in psychology, they may examine global or national trends relating to international trade, inflation, pollution, and job markets while generating insights into societal behaviors and how people make economic decisions.

This double major in economics and psychology is applicable to government work, in which behavioral economists provide data for creating and implementing economic policies. They might also identify shortcomings within those policies and consult with leaders on how to resolve them.

Economics and psychology double majors may also apply their expertise in business, marketing, consulting, and research careers. 

5. Foreign Language and Business

Studying a foreign language at the undergraduate level is a popular choice for both a single major and a double major. 

Further, foreign language majors who study abroad gain cultural exposure not otherwise experienced in a classroom. Students may develop intercultural communication, adaptability, and cultural awareness skills highly desirable by employers.

Studies suggest that nine out of 10 businesses report a dependency on multilingual employees. Additionally, employment opportunities for translators and interpreters are expected to increase by 24% by 2030.

Merging a foreign language with a business degree is, therefore, not all too surprising. Multilingual skills allow employees to communicate with others worldwide, embark on new ventures, and grow their businesses in the corporate sector. 

Some of the most valuable languages to learn for international business are Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and German.

6. Computer Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

A double major in computer information systems and supply chain management integrates comprehensive logistics, economics, and information technology concepts.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, current inflation rates and supply and labor shortages have pressured companies to invest in advanced supply chain technologies at warehouses and distribution centers. 

Recent studies indicate that by 2026, over 75% of large companies will adopt some form of advanced analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence to enhance their operations.

The combination of computer information systems and supply chain management studies will enable students to learn how to automate the supply chain sector better and deploy technology to improve inventory, cost-effectiveness, and organization.

Double Majors Pave the Way for Success

Double majoring will require you to be steadfast and disciplined in your studies. However, regardless of what combination of fields you choose, a broadened scope of study will demonstrate an impressive work ethic, polished communication skills, and innovative thinking that will pave the way for your success.

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