What Master’s Programs Can I Pursue With an English Degree?

Ginger Abbot

Mar 3, 2023

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English majors leave college with more than a degree — they walk away with transferable writing, research, creativity, and critical and analytical thinking skills for wide-ranging industries. With so many opportunities ahead, getting a master’s degree is commonplace. However, you may ask yourself, “What master’s programs can I pursue with an English degree?” Here are five options for you — some may even be unlikely choices.

1. Journalism

With an English degree in hand, you could enroll in a journalism master’s degree program. Usually, a journalist only needs a bachelor’s degree to land a job. However, today’s journalism field is evolving, mainly since online media has made it easier for consumers to absorb the news. 

Journalists must have superior writing, research and communication skills to pitch stories, pull background information and interview people. However, they must also know how to navigate the new journalistic landscape. A master’s degree in journalism provides insight into today’s career trends and teaches future journalists how to feed information to digital audiences.

2. Public Relations

Leverage your writing and communication skills by pursuing a master’s degree in public relations. A public relations specialist is an excellent career option for English majors.

The public relations industries represent brands and organizations, and sometimes individuals. For example, you could work in entertainment, politics or media, or with a political campaign to boost the candidate’s reputation.

A master’s program in public relations will deep dive into crisis management and strategizing while allowing you to hone your writing and research skills.

3. Political Science

Law is a common next step for English majors. However, if you’re wondering, “What master’s programs can I pursue with an English degree other than law,” then political science may be the ticket.

Political science education could lead to a policy analyst career. According to ZipRecruiter, over 50% of policy analyst job listings look for applicants with experience in documentation, proposal writing, drafting, and Microsoft Office. 

4. Curriculum and Instruction

Are you passionate about education but have little interest in teaching? Why not be the person who develops the curriculums for instruction? A master’s program for curriculum and instruction will prepare you to write curriiculums for students’ diverse learning styles and needs.

Today’s educators have much to consider, from classroom management to technology integration to socio-economic disparities among their students — in 2018, one-tenth of all students had parents who couldn’t afford living essentials like housing and food. The inequities have been ever steeper since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Considering these core educational issues, a master’s program will teach the latest insights and learning advancements for effective curriculum development and instruction.

5. Nonprofit Management

The nonprofit sector has numerous fulfilling careers for English majors eager to make a positive impact in the world. Coupled with a master’s degree in nonprofit management, you can take your writing, research and communication skills to new heights.

For example, English majors can maximize their writing and creativity skills in grant writing roles. Nonprofit organizations rely on grant writers for funding purposes to achieve the objectives of their mission. An effective grant proposal tells a compelling story and a strong case for financial assistance. 

Pursue a Master’s Program With an English Degree

It could be worth your time to pursue a master’s degree after receiving an English degree. However, you’re not limited to enrolling in an English-related program. Consider any of the five master’s degree programs to leverage your literary and writing skills. 

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