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Are you a student, educator, graduate, or writer with a story to share?

Classrooms welcomes article submissions on educational topics, student life, and more. If you're interested in writing for us, please review our guidelines and use the form to submit your pitch.

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Classrooms Contribution Guidelines

Target Audience

Here at Classrooms, we write for:

  • Higher education students — including high school/prospective college students, college students, and graduates/continuing ed students
  • Professional educatorsK-12 teachers, college professors

We do not write for young student audiences or parents — we offer resources and advice for serious students and professionals directly involved in educational instruction/practices or on a higher ed track.

Acceptable Topics and Sourcing

We talk about current and evergreen educational and student life topics, covering:

  • Student/campus life and health
  • Study skills and academics
  • Study abroad
  • Experiential learning
  • College planning and career paths
  • Educator resources
  • Educational methodologies and technologies
  • Student funding/financial planning
  • Online learning
  • Etc.

When talking about current emerging ed topics, methodologies, or academic research, we always want to provide authoritative, relevant sources of information to back up our claims.

Even when writing more casually about student lifestyle topics, we never want to make unsubstantiated or professional claims about health or education — source all statistics, and make sure to soften/qualify advice (e.g. saying “incorporating these habits can help you boost your grades” rather than “this WILL make you a great student,” or “make time for your mental health by….” rather than “this WILL cure college anxiety”).

Looking for inspiration? Explore current topics, studies, and advice from college websites or authoritative sources like:

Student blogs are not typically a good source when it comes to citing information or sourcing an article, but they can sometimes help as secondary sources to provide insights or student points of view.

Voice and Tone

Articles written for Classrooms use an educated but accessible tone focused on current practices, advice backed by evidence, and emerging educational trends.

Whether we’re writing for a student audience or educators, we want our readers to relate to — and trust — both the quality and the voice of our articles. We are a team of well-informed education writers who provide actionable, instructional, and thought-inspiring content for students and educators — if you are either, we welcome your point of view, but please do not make claims about education unless you are able to back them with research or personal experience.

We should sound authoritative and educated but never stuffy or superior, and relatable but never too casual.  Most of all, we want our readers to be as excited about education as we are — so we aim to be approachable, accessible, informative and inspirational in every piece.

Breakdown of tone:

  • Serious but friendly
  • Helpful
  • Educated/educational
  • Accessible/approachable
  • Reliable
  • Authoritative
  • Inspiring
  • Interested

Article Formatting

  • Articles should be 750-1200 words — we want to provide in-depth information backed with examples and research for an educational audience.
  • Please do break up articles with actionable headings, list items and guidelines — create a hierarchy of educational information that’s still easy to follow.
  • No swearing, political, inappropriate or gambling material is permitted.
  • Please link to authoritative sources only — we reserve the right to remove inappropriate or irrelevant links.
  • Please include one or two related article links from Classrooms.

Submit a Pitch

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, please understand we can only respond to writers we're interested in publishing at this time. If you don't hear back from us, feel free to submit another pitch!