What are Coding Apprenticeships?


May 30, 2022
What are Coding Apprenticeships

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Are you interested in working in programming or the tech industry? If so, you might want to consider a coding apprenticeship. Coding or tech apprenticeships help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to apply for programming positions. Some apprenticeship programs can even transition into full-time employment opportunities. 

Read our helpful guide to learn more about the benefits of coding apprenticeships and how to apply. 

What are Coding Apprenticeships?

Coding apprenticeships are a relatively new phenomenon. Microsoft began its apprenticeship program in 2010, and additional tech programs have followed suit. Other apprenticeships examples include Techtonic Academy, which started in 2014. Techtonic is approved by the Department of Labor and supports on-the-job learning, as well as a living wage. 

While coding apprenticeship programs were more scarce in the early 2010s, they’re widely available today. The tech industry is booming, and many entry-level positions require years of experience for which recent college graduates might have trouble being qualified. One way for soon-to-be graduates to acquire the relevant skills for employment is to complete a coding apprenticeship or boot camp program. 

What are the Benefits of Coding Apprenticeships?

The primary benefit of a coding apprenticeship is creating the training to employment pipeline. Apprenticeships work because a company invests hours of training in you. In turn, you become the employee they need and do an excellent job. 

With your tech apprenticeship, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see if this is the right industry for you before you fully transition into a new role. Coding apprenticeships, unlike many internships, are also fully funded, meaning you’ll be paid for your work. Apprenticeships are also shown to lead to high-paying jobs. CNBC reports the graduates of the programs to make up to six figures.      

How Do You Get A Coding Apprenticeship?

You’ll need to apply to a program to get a coding apprenticeship. You’ll also need to show your interest in the tech field and demonstrate your ability. Some tech apprenticeship programs will want you to have a background in self-taught programming. Others will encourage completed coding courses or a boot camp. Most apprenticeship programs end with a project, exam or portfolio evaluation. 

Depending on your background, you’ll want to search for companies to determine the best match for you. Some apprenticeship programs are specifically designed for college students before the summer of their senior year. If the apprenticeship program goes well, students can expect a job offer, which they’ll begin upon graduation. Other tech programs boost your coding skills and won’t directly result in employment. However, the experience will make you more marketable to other tech firms. 

Companies That Offer Coding Apprenticeships

Consider these businesses when investigating apprenticeship programs for your future. A coding apprenticeship can last for three months to a year, depending on the company. You’ll want to do more research to determine which is the best fit for your education:

  • Accenture
  • Airbnb
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • IBM
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft
  • Pinterest
  • Progressive
  • Techtonic Academy

Why You Should Apply for a Coding Apprenticeship

Coding apprenticeships can give you a competitive edge when it comes to employment and salary. When the time is right, find the right company and consider applying for one. 

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