Tips for College Move-in Day

Ginger Abbot

Feb 9, 2022
college move in day

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Fall has arrived and it’s time to return to campus, reunite with friends, and dive into your studies! Before your courses start, you need to move all your stuff into your dorm. Sometimes this can feel like an overwhelming process. So, here are some helpful tips for your college move-in day. 

1. Talk With Your Roommate Ahead of Time 

It’s important to get in touch with your roommate before the semester begins. This way you can coordinate who is bringing what. You’ll most likely share essential items, like a microwave or cleaning supplies. So, ensure you’re on the same page about who is buying which items. You could either split the cost or divide up the list. Planning ahead also helps prevent duplicates. 

Along with discussing who will bring what, also coordinate how you want to arrange your space. For example, does your roommate want to do bunk beds? This can help to prevent any conflict if someone moves in and starts adjusting furniture.

Also, take time to get to know your roommate before entering campus. Reach out over text or even video chat and learn more about their hobbies and interests. Having a shared bond will create a more positive college move-in day atmosphere. 

2.  Mark the Date on Your Calendar 

The college will notify you of your specific day and time to move in. Make sure you know this date, so you don’t accidentally miss it.  Along with the date, also figure out moving logistics. Determine how you will get items inside the dorm.  For example, will you drop off items on a curb or park somewhere and carry them in? Be sure to look up the specific parking lot ahead of time. Keeping track of this important information will make college move-in day less stressful. 

3.  Create a Blueprint of Your Room 

Keep in mind college dorm rooms all have different layouts. So, once you know your specific dorm, request a map of the room’s dimensions. Some colleges may even have virtual tours for certain dorms.  This will help you to determine the most effective way to layout your space. Also, make sure you ask what amenities are included, such as a fridge. This can help you build up your packing list. 

Consider also using online tools to play around with different layouts. You can then upload the dorm blueprint and move around items to visualize your perfect space. 

4.  Write Down a Dorm Packing List 

Having a packing list can make college move-in day go much smoother.  It can prevent stress from last-minute packing and reduce the chance of forgetting essential things. Look online for dorm inventory packing lists and use them as a guide. Remember to bring important items, such as a trash can and desk lamp. You can even ask friends, family, or your roommate for any suggestions. 

Also, keep a list of things you can buy once you get to campus, such as school supplies. This can save room in your car for some of the larger furniture pieces. 

5.  Plan Your Moving Help Ahead of Time

Mutiple family members may want to take you to your college move-in day. Keep in mind the dorm space is already going to be tight with your roommate and their family. So, try to limit the number of people who come along with you. Also, check and see if your college has student helpers for move-in day. Many colleges do and this can help reduce the amount of assistance you need from your family. 

6.  Pack Smarter 

Make sure you only bring essential items with you, and not your whole room. Pack the basics, such as bedding, towel, and toiletries. Also, bring along multi-purpose furniture, like ottomans, for better storage space. For your suitcase, try to pack mostly seasonal clothing. If it’s currently fall weather you may not need your heavy coats right away. Instead, consider getting them when you come home for winter break. 

Consider bringing comfortable clothing and sneakers for walking around campus. When packing the car, consider grouping similar items to make it easier to unload. 

7. Use Storage Bins 

You can leave storage bins on campus, unlike the card boxes that you usually get rid of. You can pack them for move-in-day and use them as extra storage throughout the semester. You can roll up your clothing and pack them in a container placed underneath your bed.  

Here are some other types of storage bins to consider using:

  • Cube organizer shelf 
  • Fabric cube storage 
  • Foldable under bed bags
  • Pocket over the door shoe organizer
  • Vertical dresser storage tower 

8.  Remove the Packaging BeforeHand 

Before moving in, take home any packing from newly bought items at home. This will save you time when unpacking. So, you can spend more time going out to lunch with your family instead. Also, the less packaging the less space it will take up in the car. 

9.  Bring Along Extra Cleaning Supplies

To get rid of germs when you first move in, bring along some wipes and paper towels. This way you can clean off surfaces to ensure your room is clean from the start. Plus, it will reduce the risk of your family getting sick from touching shared objects. Also, bring some extra trash bags to collect any packaging. 

10.  Leave Some Clothes on the Hanger 

Leaving clothes on the hanger can save you space when packing. It can also save time when unloading items. Make sure to place them in trash bags tied at the end, so they don’t get dirty. You can even place the hangers-on poles to make them easier to carry. 

How to Have a Sucessful College Move in Day 

Moving into college is an exciting time! You get to set up your dorm and see your friends. It can also be a more stressful day. So, follow these tips for a smooth college move-in day experience. 

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