The 5 Best Majors and Careers for Analytical Thinkers

Ginger Abbot

Apr 24, 2020

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For some people, problem-solving just seems to come naturally. If you enjoy taking time to deeply process challenges, offer rational explanations for every solution, and make genuine and accurate decisions in every situation, you’re a logical thinker — and your skills can translate into tons of different career paths. Take a look at these majors and careers for analytical thinkers.

1. Supply Chain Management

A supply chain management major encompasses methods used to move products from suppliers to customers. Successful processes can provide fantastic service and cut supply costs at the same time. This major may lead to a role as an operations manager, logistics analyst or production clerk. Supply chain positions demand thoughtful individuals who can communicate effectively and interpret data.

As a student, you’ll learn about distribution, logistics, procurement and more. You may also need to select a concentration or take additional business-related classes. Upon graduation, you can expect to apply for jobs at consulting and manufacturing companies.

2. Accounting

accounting majors for analytical thinkers

Combining analytical thinking with mathematics, accounting is one of the best careers for logical thinkers. Accountants break down figures to analyze financial data for businesses or clients. They record transactions, expenditures and other relevant information. In order to become a certified public accountant, you’ll need to take a licensure exam. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requires organizations to file documents prepared by these professionals.

If you decide to pursue an accounting major, you’ll take classes that teach financial and managerial accounting. Other topics, like auditing and taxation, should be a part of your course load as well. These subjects translate directly into your future work at a firm.

3. Forensic Science

Although you may be an analytical thinker, not everyone learns the same way — and that can make a difference when it comes to your career. Luckily, a forensic science major touches on every learning style. As a crime laboratory analyst or forensic medical examiner, you’ll use your deductive abilities to help solve criminal cases.

forensic careers for logical thinkers

In the classroom, you’ll learn about topics like chemistry, genetics, serology and physics. Additionally, classes that cover crime scene investigations and evidence and procedures are standard. There’s often a lot of hands-on instruction that familiarizes students with lab work. When you graduate, you can look for positions at police departments or in government sectors.

4. Computer Software Engineering

If you want to become an engineer, you may enjoy computer software. You’ll work to develop and maintain new technology for companies through your knowledge of different programming languages. A variety of companies throughout numerous sectors need to hire these experts to stay ahead of their competition.

A standard course load would include classes like systems analysis, website design and discrete math. These days, a lot of programs require students to complete internships before they graduate. You may also need to complete a final project that showcases your skills. These portfolios can be beneficial when it’s time to apply for jobs.

5. Film Production

A lot of people may think that logistically-minded people need to pursue a business or STEM major. But if you’re a creative person, there’s plenty of opportunities for you, too!

film production careers for analytical thinkers

Most film production sets need a lot of hands-on, in-depth work to create an ideal finished piece. For instance, film editors need to analyze content so that they can tweak it accordingly.

As a film production major, you’ll take courses that revolve around screenwriting, directing and editing. Most programs allow you to choose a specific path, so if you want to focus on cinematography, your classes would involve related topics. Because it’s a competitive field, you should try to make connections with professors and students.

Choose the Right Career for Analytical Thinkers

If you decide to pursue any of these majors, you’ll be able to use your analytical abilities throughout your workday.

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