How to Prepare For College in High School

Ginger Abbot

Feb 17, 2023

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As a high school student, you already have a lot on your mind. College prepping is one of the necessary things to do as your high school career comes to an end. It can be challenging to stay present with your activities while planning for college, but what you do now will help you in the future. Here is how to prepare for college in high school.  

Decide if College is Right For You

First things first is deciding if you want to go to college. There can be a lot of pressure around the idea of getting a higher education when it is not suitable for everyone. There are other paths you can take that may suit you better than going to college. 

Research Colleges and Majors

Looking into colleges and majors can give you a better idea of what college is about. You can start thinking about the decisions that will align with your future. Give yourself time to list potential options for majors and colleges while knocking some off the list through time.

You can consider how far you’d like to be, if you want to attend a large university and more. Making your decision is a big commitment and should be thoroughly thought through to meet your wants and needs. 

Take Classes to Prepare You

After you figure out what major you might be interested in, take classes that align with them. No matter if it’s art, science, music and more, this is the time to explore and see what you think will fit you best. 

You can also take foreign language classes since some majors require you to complete a certain number of semesters. The more diverse your classes are in high school, the more you can benefit in college since they are usually a mix in the beginning. 

Participate in Extracurriculars

Not only are extracurriculars fun, but they are a great way to impress the colleges you apply to. Whether it is sports, band or one of the numerous clubs your school has to off, it shows you are motivated, involved and have time management skills which are all important in your college career. 

Tour Colleges

If you want to step into the life of a college student, go to the campus for an in-person tour. A college visit can make or break your decision on if you want to go there. You are normally guided by student representatives who are knowledgeable and honest about everything going on at the school. 

It allows you to envision yourself as a college student who is part of the campus and culture. When you hear people talk about how they choose their college, you may hear them say it felt like home or it just felt right. You may get that feeling when you visit and let the school pick you. 

Utilize Early Apply

Early apply increases the outcome of whether you get into a particular school or not. Thousands of students apply to schools, so this is the chance to show them your qualities before the surge of other students comes in. 

The Bottom Line

It takes lots of work and time to prepare for college but it is worth it to make the most out of your experience. Try these pointers for preparing for college in high school. 

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