4 Master’s Degrees for English Majors

Ginger Abbot

Feb 23, 2023

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If you love English, chances are you want to pursue an English degree. Is it a lucrative field? What are degree options available for English majors? Are you considering going back to school to obtain a master’s degree? English is a versatile degree that can lead to many opportunities. Here are some good master’s degrees for English majors to consider. 

1. Master of Arts 

A Master of Arts degree (MA) in English has extensive career and growth opportunities for advancement or employment. An MA degree is versatile and flexible, offering many avenues of study like teaching, languages, art, design and human services. 

An MA degree covers a broad area personalized study to fulfill your needs. Master of Art degrees can help you acquire skills and continue a path of lifelong learning.

Additionally, it takes about two to three years to obtain an MA degree. You can also pursue career paths such as Public Relations (PR) with an MA degree. 

2. Master of Fine Arts

Pursuing a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree culminates in a more specialized education than an MA.

Typically, students pursuing MFA Creative Writing degrees find themselves with many writing and academic opportunities. For example, it takes less time to achieve an MFA than an MA.

With an MFA, you must choose a specialization, whereas MAs are more generic with more time to select a path.

MFAs can concentrate on fiction, poetry or nonfiction. Students typically focus on their creative and personal growth for whatever field they choose to study further.

3. Film and Media Studies

Film and media studies fall under the English department or category in most universities. You can major in English with a specialization in film and media studies to explore art and science divisions within your chosen field. At its core, journalism plays a vital role in film and media and can offer many opportunities through this study area. 

A degree in film and media studies usually takes about two years. Additionally, jobs you can acquire in the film industry include but aren’t limited to marketing directors, product designers, film publicists, virtual reality producers and assignment editors. 

4. Master’s in Communication

A Master of Arts in Communication is an excellent degree to pursue if you’re in the market for advancing your writing, presenting and research skills. An MA in Communication can offer many career advancement opportunities and hone your skills for personal and professional growth. 

This postgraduate program typically helps boost career placement in film and video production, authors, PR and news reporters. Media and marketing fall under this category of study and demands are expected to grow by 4% in the next ten years in job markets. 

Master’s Degrees for English Majors Are Widely Available

There are many outstanding opportunities you can embark on with a master’s degree in English, no matter what degree you choose to pursue. A Bachelor of Arts in English can give you a solid foundation for advancement and learning in these degree and career paths. They are all good master’s degrees for English majors that will set you on a path to success. 

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