Learn More About a Public Relations Manager Career

Ginger Abbot

Sep 20, 2022
Learn More About a Public Relations Manager Career

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Anyone with a talent for leading their peers and dedicating themselves to their goals could have a bright professional future in a management position. Public relations departments always look for people with those skills to fill their manager roles. Could you be their next hire?

Check out everything you need to know about becoming a public relations manager to tailor your educational journey to your potential career. 

What Is a Public Relations Manager?

Before understanding what a public relations (PR) manager is, you must know what PR means. Public relations is the field that involves handling a brand or client’s image to improve their relationship with their consumers or the general public. 

Public relations managers are mid-level employees who plan how a brand or company will improve its image, retain new consumers and build trust with the general public. They’re often directly under the head of a department and have team managers who work for them to coordinate with entry-level or mid-level employees.

What Are Their Job Duties?

Many tasks would fall under your role as a PR manager. You’d have to feel confident giving presentations as you would lead your department on current and future marketing campaigns. If you work for a company with multiple brands or clients, you’d likely pitch campaigns to them and work one-on-one in their interests.

You’ll also be responsible for duties such as:

  • Pitching stories to news outlets
  • Scheduling and leading press conferences
  • Answering questions at press conferences
  • Managing a team of writers, graphic designers, and others
  • Handling your department’s budget

What Degree Does a PR Manager Need?

Many people who become PR managers have backgrounds in English or Communications degrees. Those educational paths prepare people for writing-focused jobs, which you’ll need when drafting speeches for department heads or writing emails in response to journalists.

However, it could be in your best interest to major in Public Relations and minor in a writing degree. Advertising concentrations may also help your career if you want to focus on producing commercials, social media ads or anything related to more of a marketing perspective.

Potential PR Manager Career Paths

Once you earn the title of Public Relations Manager, what can you do with the many years that remain in your career? That depends on how you use your time.

After graduating, students should use their newfound time to network and build career skills through internships, volunteering, or short-term jobs. You’ll also develop your interests and potentially discover a new career avenue that’s more rewarding.

People with public relations management experience often promote new legislative efforts for political causes or representatives they believe in. They also become entrepreneurs and manage PR for celebrities or influencers under their own companies. Your skills could help you work for a charity you love or a news media company if you develop an interest in journalism.

Consider Your Future in PR

There are many ways you can enjoy a career as a public relations manager. All you need is a degree in a relevant field of study and the skills to get hired. Focus on these tips to prepare yourself for your post-graduate career. You’ll quickly feel ready to work full-time and explore your future in public relations.

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