5 Unexpected Jobs for English Majors After College

Ginger Abbot

Feb 25, 2023

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When you hear the term “English major,” you most likely think of school teachers, authors and editors. Of course, these are excellent — albeit sometimes challenging — careers to pursue.

Yet, only some people are cut out for writing novels or standing in front of a classroom. For those interested in applying their education and writing skills elsewhere, here are five unexpected jobs for English majors after college. 

1. Communications Officer

Presidents may appear empowering and suave during their State of the Union address. However, they wouldn’t get their message across without talented communications officers to write their speeches. 

English majors might skip the typical professionals after college and head into politics with their degrees. As communications officers, English graduates write various internal and external materials, like press releases, speeches, annual reports, and campaign content for politicians.

According to Zippia, communications officers make an average salary of $40,161 annually. 

2. Social Media Coordinator

Social media coordinator is one of the hottest jobs for English majors after college. With its rising popularity, it shouldn’t be surprising that companies are eager to hire tech-savvy professionals with a knack for using multiple social media platforms. After all, social media is the best way to broaden their reach and raise brand awareness.

Moreover, social media coordinators can work in thousands of industries, from smaller local businesses to large corporations to environmental grassroots organizations.

However, a successful social media marketing campaign requires connecting with the target audience — therefore, English majors are necessary for creating empathetic and credible content that touches users. 

Social media coordinators can expect to earn about $42,915 annually, although the top 90% can make over $55,000.

3. Grant Writer

Behind every successful nonprofit organization is a talented grant writer helping them achieve adequate funding.

Grant writers search for potential donors, compile written reports and write fundraising proposals to secure grants for different types of organizations. Some gifts get issued through private donors or government agencies.

Depending on experience and success at accruing funds, grant writers could make an average of $76,107 in the United States or between $68,182 and $85,494.

4. Curriculum Developer

Let’s say you love academia but don’t want to teach. There are several other education jobs for English majors after college, such as curriculum development.

Curriculum developers are the brains behind learning materials that teachers use in the classroom. Many curriculums that curriculum developers work on align with Common Core standards for grades K–12. 

A curriculum developer must analyze learning needs and various instructional methods to ensure lessons help students reach their academic goals. The lesson plans deliver exciting assignments and activities to keep students engaged, while some curriculum developers also review and recommend various digital learning resources.

Curriculum developers earn between $55,690 and $70,550 in the U.S., but salaries vary depending on education level and experience. 

5. Medical Scribe

Medical scribes may not appear as ideal jobs for English majors after college — however, writing skills are crucial for this role. 

A medical scribe sits in on medical appointments and transcribes interactions between the doctor and patient. The information then gets entered into electronic health records (EHR) software. 

One of the many benefits of having a scribe on hand is that physicians can focus more on caring for patients and take up less time writing notes. Medical scribes also rewrite many of the medical notes in generic terms and feed information back to patients in a way they understand. 

On average, medical scribes can make about $38,172 annually, depending on where they live and their experience. 

Pursue Unique Jobs for English Majors After College

Whoever said English majors are only good for penning novels or marking up manuscripts wasn’t thinking outside the box. English majors have numerous employment opportunities after college. Armed with exceptional writing skills and an eye for detail, they excel in several roles and industries.

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