8 Great Government Jobs for English Majors

Ginger Abbot

Jul 27, 2022
Great Government Jobs for English Majors

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There are many reasons why college students and graduates want federal careers. There are great benefits and guaranteed stability for numerous career paths, but English students may feel like there’s no room for them. These are eight great government jobs for English majors to consider as they reflect on their skills and think about what they want for their future.

1. Technical Writer

You may have excellent writing skills in addition to analyzing and conveying written information. All of those abilities can help you become a technical writer. Government organizations and facilities need technical writers to write supporting documents for research projects, create manuals and other technical documentation. The average role for this career pays $76,860 per year, so you’ll make a comfortable living with your degree.

2. Public Affairs Specialists

Every government representative or group needs a public affairs specialist to draft informative materials for media channels. In this job, you would coordinate press releases, speeches, and digital content to ensure that every publication represents the goals and integrity of your employer.

Interested applicants should note that recruiters hire 85% of open positions through networking, so attend networking events to secure a role like this much more quickly. You’ll meet recruiters or employers face-to-face and make a better impression.

3. Editorial Assistant

Anyone with an eye for line editing and a passion for grammar could become an editorial assistant. Federal and state government offices could use your education to polish written content for their organizations and published materials.

Just remember that it’s crucial to remain open to learning after graduation. Offices and government groups will have unique house style guides that may alter standard style editing rules. Always abide by your employer’s editing preferences to create content aligned with their previously published works.

4. Technical Editor

Technical editors work alongside technical writers to polish their writing before anything gets posted or printed. It’s one of the best government jobs for English majors who are more technically minded but prefer working within the world of grammar. See if any jobs are available with your state government or consider working with a federal branch in a technical role.

5. Social Media Specialist

Everyone’s on social media, including government representatives and groups. Use your communication and social media skills to help them reach their constituents.

Like with in-house marketing for a corporation, a government social media specialist position will require representative, cohesive marketing strategies that stretch across long-term campaigns. You could write materials about upcoming projects, updates about representatives and messages for voters to push agendas or laws that matter most to you.

6. Human Resources Generalist

Administrative duties often come easily to people who know how to communicate through written and spoken words. Government offices need human resources generalists to help them stay open. You might have a bright future in writing standard office policies, meeting daily responsibilities, and enforcing company practices.  

7. Program Specialist

Offices need program specialists to help their teams grow, especially if they have offices throughout the country. A government-employed program specialist will use their communication skills to create team-building activities, implement programs, and present research documentation regarding future program possibilities.

8. Communications Manager

English major graduates always find jobs as communication managers. With a few years of experience as a communications specialist or another role regarding marketing materials, you can secure a management position in a government office. You just need practice with writing and publishing cohesive messages before applying.  

Find Government Jobs for English Majors

Consider these government jobs for English majors while deciding what you want to do with your professional life. Depending on the experience you gain during college or what you’ve done since graduating, you can use your skills to get a federal job and pay the bills with your passion for writing, analyzing, or communicating.

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