For Student Groups


It’s not just your individual education that requires funding — your efforts on campus need some financial support, too.

Starting a student group or joining a campus organization is a great way to get involved at school and develop skills for your future. But as you dig into your club’s events and efforts, you’ll realize funding plays a big part in whether you can make the impact you envision.

If you’re looking for better fundraising ideas for your college student organization, Classrooms is here to help. We know how hard students work — and we think you’re worth it. In addition to providing educational content and sourcing scholarships for individual students, we build business relationships to find generous grants for student organizations.

Find a sponsor online today — we can’t wait to help your group grow.

Sponsorship Opportunities

At Classrooms, we believe life is the ultimate classroom, and learning is the key to life. Today's students are the innovators of the future and we want to be a part of their success. That’s why we work with hundreds of organizations that share our beliefs and want to help the students of today become the leaders of tomorrow. 

Financial Support

Student groups need funding, and our industry partners are here to help.

If you work with or are part of a student organization at your university, Classrooms can match you with organizations and businesses looking to provide financial support. Our partners have varying budgets to meet your organization’s needs.

Website Design

Get the word out about your organization and connect with your peers all in one place with the support of our network of partners.

Having your own website can increase exposure for your group and help you get more involved in your campus community. If your student organization or university-affiliated group is looking to create a website through your university, our team is excited to provide you with a customizable template so the hard work is done for you. 

For more information on Student Funding, please feel free to reach out to Evie Culvers at