What Should I Major In? The Best College Major Ideas by Interests

Ginger Abbot

Apr 3, 2020
what should I major in

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Looking for college major ideas to make your future more clear?

Whether you’re a current college student who’s undecided or an upcoming first-year, there’s a lot to consider regarding your major. But don’t just look at key factors like salary and statistics — when choosing a future career, it’s essential to weigh your options based on interests and personality. After all, your job won’t feel like work if you’re passionate and enthusiastic.

If you’re on the fence about how to choose a major, check out these college major ideas based on interests, personality type and passion.

College Majors Ideas by Interest

Every person has different interests, from marine biology to literature to robotics. Maybe you love to babysit children, or maybe designing outfits is your favorite outlet. In any case, you may want to think about a path based on your favorite activities. Here are a few majors related to specific subject interests:


Many people find themselves fascinated by the human body and how it works, as well as how to help others maintain their health. That’s why majors like pre-med receive thousands of students each year. But if you don’t want to become a doctor or a nurse, you have a ton of other ways to use your interests. You should consider:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Exercise Science
  • Physical Education
  • Healthcare Information Technology
  • Pre-Pharmacy

These paths have become more in-demand over recent years, so you won’t need to worry about opportunities.


If you’re a numbers whiz, you may enjoy a major that relies on your mathematical skills. You don’t have to become a calculus teacher if that’s not up your alley. There’s a high demand for math lovers across several fields. Plus, you can combine this interest with others, like philosophy. Think about majors such as:

Many math fields exist, so consider your preferences before choosing a major. In any case, you’ll solve problems and calculate data as part of your daily work routine. Fun, right?


Creative individuals thrive when they can use their artistic abilities. If you like to draw, paint or write, you should consider choosing a major that allows you to pursue those interests. Today, various artistic opportunities are possible throughout multiple sectors. These may be:

  • Graphic Design
  • Architecture
  • Music Education
  • Website Development
  • Photography

You can put your interests to use through one of these majors. Of course, you can also pursue creative minors to round out your repertoire as well. Either way, if you’re an artist, you have excellent opportunities to choose from.

Language and Culture

These days, many employers see the advantage of a foreign language. Maybe you’ll transcribe books and movies for other cultures, or work alongside a business to translate materials. You could also become a teacher — or move to the country of your dreams! Aside from a language major like French or Italian, you can look into:

  • Linguistics
  • International Studies
  • Anthropology
  • English as a Second Language
  • Sociology

These paths allow students to learn about different theories, practices and cultures to apply to various careers. If you decide to major in a specific language, you may want to consider a supplemental minor so you can expand your possibilities.

Nature and Wildlife

college major ideas animals and nature

If you adore pets, admire wild animals or love an outdoor adventure, you’ll do well in a field that revolves around animals and wildlife. Often, these careers involve some sort of science, and they offer the opportunity to pursue either an environmental or biological focus. Some of these potential majors include:

  • Animal Science
  • Veterinary Technology
  • Dairy or Poultry Science
  • Horticulture
  • Zoology

Each of these majors offers opportunities to learn about numerous animals, as well as agricultural systems. If you’re interested in business or communications, you can choose a minor that revolves around the outdoors instead. Then, you can apply for roles at non-profits and organizations.


If you’re obsessed with Neil deGrasse Tyson and love to perform experiments, a science-related major may be an ideal choice. There’s always a need for professionals in these fields. A few possible college major idea contenders include:

  • Biochemistry
  • Atmospheric Science
  • Genetics
  • Forensic Science
  • Astronomy

Like any other major, it’s essential to figure out your top interests before you apply. If you want to discover bacteria, it won’t make much sense to go into meteorology. But no matter what you decide, you’ll enjoy studies that apply to what you love most.

choosing a major science college major ideas

College Major Ideas by Personality

You’ve probably taken a college major personality quiz or two as a way to narrow down your choices. Many students find that their eventual careers must favor their personalities. After all, if you’re a social butterfly, you won’t want to be alone all day long. Plus, while your interests can evolve, it’s not easy to change yourself!

Here are a few personality types and some majors to match.

The Introvert

Most introverts prefer to keep to themselves. When they socialize, it’s not long before they need to head home to recharge. As a result, these individuals tend to be fantastic listeners and thinkers. They’re also self-aware and goal-oriented. That’s why they perform well in various industries.

If you’re an introvert and wondering what you should major in, here are a few college major ideas to consider:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Accounting
  • Psychology
  • Creative Writing

These majors require diligent, focused workers — and introverts tend to encompass those specific skills. Though some of these roles may require a bit of group collaboration, you’ll be able to pursue plenty of solo projects and rely primarily on your own skills.

The Extrovert

As an extrovert, you’re a team player. You offer a lively, bright personality that shines through when you work alongside others. For the most part, extroverts can flourish as public speakers and engaged leaders. It’s best to choose a path that puts your zest for life to use. Some of the best majors for extroverts include:

  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Business
  • Marketing or Advertising
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Pre-Law

All of these potential careers demand constant communication and interaction. You’ll have chances to meet tons of new people, too.

how to choose a major creative college major ideas

The Thinker

The U.S. Department of Labor uses a theory by psychologist John Holland to help people determine their ideal career choices. One of these personality types includes investigative individuals who prefer to think and observe.

If you daydream constantly, you’ll want to pursue a major that allows you to use your imagination. You’re idealistic and intuitive, which means your potential line of work should provide ways to achieve meaningful goals. A few lucrative paths could be:

  • English Literature
  • Commercial Art
  • Interactive Media Design
  • Entertainment Management
  • Film

Most dreamers tend to do well in artistic fields. If you can picture and visualize content, you’ll succeed in any of these majors.

The Realist

Some people prefer to be at the helm of whatever they do. In other words, they take matters into their own hands — and they don’t wait around to reflect. Unlike dreamers, doers seek out realistic opportunities and seek to problem-solve. If you’re a doer, you’ll enjoy one of these majors:

  • Aviation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Forensic Science
  • Paleontology

There’s constant action within each of these college majors. You’ll need to assess information, but it’s up to you to dive in headfirst. Choosing a major can be a challenge, so pay attention to your personality traits and go from there.

The Conventional

If you’re an efficient planner that survives on to-do lists, look no further. Many career opportunities require detail-oriented individuals, so you’re in luck. Here’s a list of potential majors for organized multitaskers:

  • Operations Management
  • Finance
  • Library Science
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Project Management

Whenever it’s time to choose a major, think about these opportunities. You’ll use your skills to manage others and complete projects.

Use These College Major Ideas to Narrow Down Your Options

If you’re thinking, “What should I major in?” you’re not alone. Whatever your inclinations, you can use your interests and personality to narrow down your choices and find the right career. It’s a big choice, so take your time — and choose what you know feels right.

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