College Dorm Essentials Checklist: 10 Items You Need

Ginger Abbot

Nov 18, 2022
If you want to hang decorations on your walls, one item that should be on your college dorm essentials checklist should be Command hooks.

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Heading off to college is an exciting time, but there is some packing to do first. You want to bring items that make your space feel cozier. Here are 10 college dorm essentials.

1. Bed Risers

Often the beds are not at the right height for you. Packing risers allow you to adjust them to a comfortable level. Have the bed at a height where you can easily climb in and out. This will make it easier to get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can cause you to forget things, lowering your academic performance. 

Also, your room will be a tight fit, and you’ll have to save space for your roommate. So, raising your bed allows for extra storage underneath. Plus, this makes the room feel less cluttered. 

2. Fuzzy Blanket 

Sheets and a comforter keep you warm in the spring semester. Yet, when the weather drops, you’ll want an extra layer of warmth. Plus, some dorms may not have their own thermostat controls. 

Another nice thing is you can wear the cover around the dorm, so you can be cozy even when studying. Pick a blanket made from soft materials, such as cotton or wool. When deciding the color, consider matching it with your bed set or other decor. 

3. A Shower Caddy 

Many dorms have communal bathrooms. So, a shower caddy is one of the college dorm essentials you should pack. It provides both convenience and keeps things organized. Fill it with toiletries, such as shampoos and soaps.

Remember to add in a few cosmetics, like razors. Get a caddy with divided sections, for easy access. In addition, buy a toothbrush holder to prevent the bristles from collecting germs. Bring a pair of shower shoes and a robe as well.

4. A Laundry Basket 

Since you don’t have in-room washers, this is another one of the college dorm essentials. Plus, a laundry basket keeps items off the floor. Invest in hangers to further organize your closet. Look for a hamper that is large enough to carry a full load, since you may have less time to do laundry. In addition, get a foldable hamper to save space. If you prefer baskets, find one that can fit under your bed. 

5. Under-Bed Storage Bins 

Storage bins help you to get the most out of a small space. With these containers tucked under the bed, you can move around easily. Look for clear bins to provide better organization. Consider labeling them for quick access. These boxes can hold items, such as your clothes and shoes. They can also store some of your winter gear during the fall semester. 

6. A Pack of Command Hooks 

Decorating your dorm room can make it feel more inviting. Dress up the space with some plants and fun artwork. Buying Command hooks allows you to hang items without damaging the walls. You can even use them to string decorative lighting. 

Here are some more ways to personalize your room:

  • Add family photos
  • Hang a fancy mirror
  • Use curtains 
  • Buy a comfy rug 
  • Accessorize with pillows 

7. A Minifridge 

You can eat at the cafeteria, but having food in your dorm is more convenient. This is especially true if you have less time in between classes. It’s also nice if you want a late-night study snack. For those with dietary restrictions, this is a useful appliance as well. 

Be sure to stock your fridge with healthy food, such as oatmeal, and plenty of water bottles. To help the planet, invest in a reusable one. Along with the fridge, buy microwavable containers and utensil sets. 

8. A Handheld Vacuum

This allows you to easily clean up dirt and crumbs from the floor. Vacuums are especially important for carpeted dorms. Cleaning prevents critters and ensures you have a comfortable space for entertaining. Plus, these handheld devices take up less room. Along with the vacuum, bring Clorox wipes and Febreze. 

9. An Espresso Machine

About 92% of college students consumed coffee in the last month. Coffee helps you stay awake and alert throughout your busy day. Having an espresso maker in your dorm saves you money and is more convenient. Then the cash can go towards other expenses, such as textbooks and entertainment. Look for a smaller one you can place on your desk or minifridge. 

10. Several Power Strips 

You’ll want to plug in multiple devices at once, such as your laptop and phone. You may also want to use these ports for desk lamps, fans, or kitchen appliances. Power strips also make it easier to reach the cords. Just tuck them out of the way to prevent tripping over them. 

When choosing a device, make sure it has the right number of outlets. Determine what you will need to plug in before buying it. In addition, check the energy absorption rating and warranty. 

The Top College Dorm Essentials You Should Know

Packing for college can feel a little overwhelming. You need to bring more than just clothes. So, review this ​​list of college dorm essentials to ensure you have everything you need. 

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