The Best Degrees, Majors and Careers for Introverts

Ginger Abbot

Mar 27, 2020
finding the best college majors for introverts

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In a world full of hustle and bustle, all introverts want is a little quiet time to themselves. Yet how do they find that in a college major and eventual career? Luckily, their unique traits and skills can translate directly into many worthwhile professional opportunities. If you prefer a life of quietude, take a look at the best degrees for introverts.

What Is an Introvert?

Though every individual is different, introverts are people who thrive on less social interaction and more self-time. They seek out alone time instead of large parties, often because extensive attention and social engagement can drain them. While extroverts become energetic around others, introverts recharge on their own.

Introverts have many unique attributes as a result of these natural tendencies. They’re thoughtful, focused and independent. They make more in-depth observations and listen carefully. They’re often self-directed, in-tune with their sense of self and not afraid to face their own thoughts.

Everyone needs to pursue a major and career that aligns with their best qualities. When you choose a professional path to complement your introverted preferences, you’ll be on the road to satisfaction and success. Here are a few career options that could be perfect for introverts:

1. Librarian

Libraries can be a quintessentially ideal setting for introverts. A quiet space filled with books and art — what’s not to love? With a degree in library science, you’re able to become a traditional academic librarian. You can also pursue a position in digital archives or data curation. Choose to work with a variety of people or a specific group individually, but note that many roles require a Master’s degree.

best careers for introverts librarian

No matter what you choose, most librarians work with a small group of like-minded co-workers. In this sense, the job is perfect for more reserved individuals.

2. IT Specialist

These days, there are several plentiful roles related to internet technology. Every company needs a dedicated division to handle electronics and wireless networks. If you like to work with computers, this could be the ideal path for you. IT specialists communicate with several people daily, but these are usually one-on-one interactions, and most of the work is technical rather than customer-focused. As a bonus, salaries for these positions are substantial.  

3. Accountant

Are you good with numbers? A degree in accounting is perfect for introverts who enjoy math. Most corporate departments consist of less than five people, so you’ll be on your own throughout the day. Plus, you don’t have to interact with others to assess statements and examine finances. If you’re after a research-based job that allows you to work alone, consider accounting as a major.

best degrees for introverts accountant

4. Psychiatrist

Introverts are terrific listeners, which makes them fit for roles related to psychology. Professionals in this field only see a handful of patients a day, so social obligations are limited. This path is ideal for those who don’t mind a bit of socialization and like to help others. Check out the differences between psychiatry and therapy so that you can decide which career is better for you.

5. Translator

Unlike interpreters, translators focus on the written word. Introverts interested in a career like this should pursue a degree in a second language, and it often helps to focus on a related co-major or advanced degree — like law or international business. Once fluent, you can work to convert documents from one language to another. Many translators are self-employed and work on a variety of projects for different clients. Consider pursuing Chinese or Spanish, which are some of the most spoken tongues in the world.

6. Social Media Manager

Because social media is prominent in customer engagement, many businesses need savvy users to help them out. If you spend a lot of time on Twitter and Instagram, take a look at roles of this nature. Of course, you’ll need to have a knack for writing and marketing. While social media managers spend time with co-workers to create material, they do the majority of work at their desks. Consider a major in marketing, advertising, communications or public relations to pursue this career path.

best majors for introverts social media communications

7. Lab Technician

Do you have an interest in the medical field? While doctors and nurses have to talk to dozens of patients, lab technicians work behind the scenes to test medical samples. This role is often done privately in a secluded lab without others present. To enter this field, pursue a major in clinical laboratory science. Most states also require a certificate or license. 

Some of the Best Majors and Best Careers for Introverts

If you consider yourself introverted, don’t worry that your unique characteristics will lead to limited career options. Your personality makes you perfect for several roles and fields — these are only some of the best majors and degrees for introverts to pursue. Before you enroll, take the time to consider each possibility and choose what feels right.

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