The 5 Best College Majors and Careers for Extroverts

Ginger Abbot

Apr 17, 2020
best careers for extroverts

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If you’re an enthusiastic social butterfly, you probably identify as an extrovert. You love to meet new people and strive to be optimistic – and you aren’t afraid to take risks. Those traits play huge roles throughout your life – especially when it comes to your future. That’s why it’s essential to consider the best careers for extroverts — and pick a path that allows you to shine brightly!

After all, if you can’t be yourself, what’s the point? If you need some inspiration for planning your professional goals, take a look at some of the best majors for extroverts.

1. Marketing

marketing careers for extroverts

Many extroverts thrive when they’re able to present or speak to a group — which makes marketing an ideal career. As a marketing coordinator, sales representative or account manager, you’d sell products and services to clients and customers through specific tactics. You may work on social media projects and content management, too.

For the most part, a marketing student can expect to take classes that touch on advertising, sales, communication and management. It may help to pursue a minor such as economics, communications or business as a way to supplement your main courses and prepare you for more specific roles.

2. Education

If you’re a babysitter or nanny — or you just love working with kids — an education major could be the perfect fit. Most students who pursue this field end up as teachers — from preschool to 12th grade. Even if you don’t want to interact with children all the time, some education majors become principals or superintendents to focus on leadership. Either way, this career allows you to interact with dozens of people every day.

A typical course load for an education major encompasses a variety of topics. Mostly, these revolve around current methodologies and theories. You’ll focus your studies on a particular topic you want to teach, like social studies or English. Later on, you can expect to visit classrooms to observe and teach. When you graduate, you’ll need to take a licensure exam before you land your first job.

college majors for extroverts teacher

3. Finance

If you’ve got a mind for numbers, finance could be a terrific career option — with various professional path options. As a financial advisor or wealth manager, you’d work with clients to assess and grow their incomes. You may recommend specific investment opportunities or rework current expenditures. As a company employee, you’d handle similar duties and tasks on a broader, employee-centric scale.

Most finance majors take classes through their college’s business school. You’ll learn how to calculate interest rates, evaluate different stocks and practice economics and statistics. Though some finance majors obtain master’s degrees, you don’t necessarily need one to find a position.

4. Psychology

Do you like to help others? If so, psychiatry tends to be one of the best careers for extroverts. You’ll meet new people every day, all while you work through their personal lives and emotions to help them understand themselves better. Because psychiatry requires a doctorate, many students obtain psychology degrees as undergraduates. Then, they apply to a medical school and pursue psychiatry as a career. You could also become a counselor or therapist.

Throughout your courses, you’ll learn about the ins and outs of the human brain. Of course, many of these classes concentrate on psychology theory, sociology and human interaction as well as science. Once you’re in medical school, your studies may address mental health problems and vulnerable social populations. You’ll also familiarize yourself with numerous medications.

5. Nursing

careers for extroverts nurse

As a nurse, you’ll become acquainted with — and affect the lives of — many patients throughout your workday. You could find a role at a pediatrician’s office, nursing facility or a major hospital. Nurses provide physical, emotional and medical support to patients as a crucial part of the healthcare system.

Nursing students learn about several topics, from microbiology to ethics to pharmacology. If you want to work with a specific population, like women, you’ll take classes about obstetrics, gynecology and infant health. Plus, you may participate in clinical studies and theories that prepare you for the workforce. The personal and social nature of nursing makes it one of the best careers for extroverts choosing their paths.

Pursue the Perfect Majors and Careers for Extroverts

As an extrovert, your social interactions and outgoing nature are just as important to your future career as your personal interests. By combining your passions with your personality, you’re sure to pursue a bright professional future.

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