The Benefits of Time Management for Students

Carolina Jacobs

Feb 11, 2023
Benefits of time management for students

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Time management is the act of prioritizing your time so you can get things done efficiently. Some ways you can practice this skill include creating a schedule, setting a timer and making a daily checklist. It’s an essential ability for anyone to have, but especially for people attending school. Here are some benefits of time management for students.

More Free Time

Once you start managing your time effectively, you’ll start to notice you have a lot more of it. This frees up part of your day to do things like:

  1. Enjoy Hobbies

If you start managing your time better, you’ll have more opportunities to engage in your favorite activities when you’re done with obligations. Take a well-deserved break — this is part of time management, too — and play guitar, read a book or watch a movie. You earned it. 

  1. Exercise

Got up an hour early? Now you have an extra hour to dance, walk your dog, hit the gym or play sports. Getting exercise will create a positive feedback loop, making it easier to sleep at night and manage your time the next day. It can also boost your mood and give you a better sense of motivation to push through your classes and assignments. 

  1. Sleep

Sneak a nap between classes. Turn in an hour early at night. If you’ve finished your assignments and have time to spare, one way to spend your extra time is by catching up on some much-needed sleep. Getting enough rest is a crucial part of time management for students. 

  1. Hang Out With Friends

Poor time management looks something like this: Your friends invite you out to dinner. You spend the day jumping from one homework assignment to another, getting distracted and trying to multitask by simultaneously checking emails. By the time evening rolls around, you’re still far too swamped with obligations to meet your friends at the restaurant. Sound familiar? 

Instead, make a schedule with small time blocks, like increments of 30 minutes or an hour, to plan out your day. Pencil in your social obligations, too, not just your classes and assignments. That way you don’t forget about them. It also reminds you that seeing your friends and family is just as important as school. 

  1. Study

If you have extra time and want to get ahead in your classes, you can spend it by studying for your upcoming tests. This can help you relax about your exams, since you’ll be much more confident about passing them, and will improve your grades over time. 

Increased Productivity

Another benefit of time management for students is that you’ll get more done. Rather than jumping from task to task and only partly completing each one, you can focus on one thing at a time before moving on. The reason this saves time is that not all of your tasks are in the same place. 

For example, you likely you have your assignments in different folders on the computer. Instead of switching from one to the other, stay in one folder and finish your assignment there. 

Or, maybe you want to do the dishes and wash your clothes. The kitchen and laundry room are on opposite sides of the house, so it makes sense to finish one before moving on. The time you save from not walking around the house can be put toward something fun or productive. 

Better Relationships

Something else you can do with your extra time is focusing fully on your partner, friends or family. Talk to them on the phone, go on a date or watch a show together without trying to do schoolwork at the same time. They’ll certainly appreciate it. 

A Sense of Accomplishment

Reaching your goals faster will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. By getting more done throughout the day, you’ll feel confident in your abilities in all aspects of your life.

Time Management for Students

Developing your time management skills will do more than just make you a better student. It can profoundly improve your personal life, as well. 

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