How Time-Tracking Makes You More Productive

Ginger Abbot

Aug 26, 2019
how time tracking makes you more productive in college

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Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a seasoned senior, it’s easy to get distracted when it comes to schoolwork. If you want to step up your game, it’s worth investigating how time-tracking makes you more productive in college and in life.

It’s not about meticulously counting the seconds or berating yourself for taking too long. Instead, it’s about learning how you currently utilize your time and how you can make improvements. Try these time-tracking tips to train your productivity.

1. Increase Your Focus

According to one study, 92% of college students admit to using their cellphones in class, though the majority agree it decreased their ability to pay attention. This problem continues outside of the classroom as well, making it difficult for students to concentrate on assignments. Time-tracking software can be a great tool to improve focus.

When you allot a specific time period for a specific task, you’re less likely to get distracted or procrastinate. Instead of looking at social media or replying to an email, you’ll focus on finishing your work before time runs out. This boost in concentration will also help you get your work done more quickly. 

2. Utilize Time Efficiently

tracking how time tracking makes you more productive

How much time do you currently spend on your schoolwork? According to one 2017 study, 80% to 95% of college students procrastinate on a regular basis. This is the main reason why Ph.D. candidates are unable to complete their dissertations. Time-tracking lets you know exactly how much time you’re spending on a project. With that information, you can determine if you’ve spent your time efficiently.

Say you begin tracking your time, only to discover it take two hours to finish a typical homework assignment. Identify how you’re spending most of your time and where you can improve your efforts. Setting shorter deadlines can also help you work more efficiently.

3. Eliminate Bottlenecks

With time tracking software, you can better understand precisely how you’re spending your time. Perhaps it took an hour to read a chapter of Beowulf, or three hours to finish a take-home exam. With this data, you can determine if you’re utilizing your time as best as possible. 

Do you notice you get stuck on a particular project each week? Determine how you can shave time off the process to become more efficient. Perhaps you have a task that takes little to no time. In that case, you can schedule the item for a busier day of the week. 

4. Set Smart Goals

using time tracking to make you more productive smart goals

Time-tracking software gives you a better sense of how you utilize your free hours. With this information on hand, you can create SMART goals, objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. These goals are designed to help you effectively actualize your aspirations. 

Start by determining what you hope to accomplish. For example, maybe you want to improve your take-home exam times. Currently, most exams take three hours to complete. Set a SMART goal where you try to complete the exam in two hours, with only a single 15-minute break in between. You should also determine what score you want to receive. A minimum of 90% is fair. 

5. Gain New Satisfaction

You likely have schoolwork you need to finish each day. After you complete an assignment, how do you feel? Probably relieved, maybe tired. However, with time-tracking, you can gain a better sense of your efforts and feel more satisfied with the work you’ve accomplished.

Time-tracking allows you to see exactly how much time you spent working in a day. You can also add details to your time like what projects you were working on, if you took any breaks and the ultimate outcome. Some students like to add grades to their time-tracking software to better visualize academic performance. 

See How Time-Tracking Makes You More Productive in College

Are you ready to conquer the new school year? Time to invest in time-tracking software that will make you a homework pro.

Learn how to utilize your time better and work more efficiently. Identify problem areas and set SMART goals. Once you’ve finished, you’ll gain a newfound sense of satisfaction that’ll stay with you long after you’re done. 

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