7 Unlikely Advantages of Online Classes

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Apr 2, 2021

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Whether you’re attending university, community college, or you’re still on the hunt for your dream school, COVID-19 has likely pushed your studies online, if they weren’t online in some capacity already. While many high schools and colleges incorporated online learning into their curriculum before the pandemic, online enrolment has skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic, and it’s likely here to stay.

While online schooling may be unfamiliar to many, it has certainly changed the way that plenty of students and teachers alike see education. Unfortunately, online learning proves to be a challenge for many, especially those who are used to traditional classes, dislike change, or are transitioning to a new school environment where online classes can make it harder to be social. However, with all the challenges of online classes, there are also plenty of advantages that can come as a result of taking online classes. Aside from the obvious public health and safety benefits, online classes can provide personal advantages for students, too. Here are a few of those unlikely benefits that you can consider.

1. Saving Money

From making smart financial decisions and setting savings goals to eating in more often, there are so many ways to save money in college. If you’re a high school student, this may not apply to you yet, but it just might in the future. Even if your school doesn’t lower tuition costs for online classes, moving the classroom to the web can help you save money all over your college budget. If you’re staying home, you’re not going to spend money on expenses like meal plans, room and board, gas for your car, and other college expenses that often drive up the price of education.

2. You Can Take More Classes

Online classes often allow you to have more flexibility, and even more free time than you would with a traditional class schedule. Having back to back classes might have been a problem before, but with the power of the internet, you can hop right into one class after another if you choose without the worry of a walk across campus. You have more time to do your work, and more ease in general.

3. Learning Self Motivation

While this one may seem like a chore at first, it can help you out a lot in the long run. One of the reasons that many students dislike online learning is that it requires you to be a self-starter with internal motivation. While that can be difficult to muster for some, it comes easily to others. But without the option for the alternative, online learning can push you out of your comfort zone to find ways to motivate yourself internally to get your work done. And those are skills that you can continue to carry with you.

4. Comfort Staying Home

While this might be a bit more on the obvious side, it’s true that staying home and feeling comfortable in an environment where you’re familiar and at ease can be a better learning environment. Not everyone feels this way, but you may find that you adjust to it quite well and learn even better in your home.

5. Easier Attendance

This one is especially prevalent during harsher seasons, traffic jams, illness, and injury. While plenty of things in the past might lead to canceled classes or simply missing class, you can get to class and complete your assignments no matter what when learning moves online. Snow days are no longer a worry, just like getting stuck in traffic or your car breaking down. The easier you can get to class, the less stress and chaos school can cause — especially when obstacles stand in the way.

6. More Balance

Another great benefit to schooling from home is a better school life balance. While doing your schoolwork in the same place that you relax can sometimes make balance more challenging, online classes also give you more flexibility and time back, which means you can shuffle priorities and make time for family and loved ones much easier, which are key points in creating a balanced life.

7. Tech Literacy

One more unlikely benefit of online classes is their ability to educate you about tech literacy. Even if you aren’t taking coding classes or computer based classes specifically, they can help to familiarize you with the features of your computer through practice — and being a better product user is one of the best ways to build realistic tech literacy skills.

The Unlikely Advantages of Online Classes

While going to school online may not be everyone’s first choice, there are actually many benefits that can come with moving to online classes. In addition to the public health and safety benefits, students can learn more about themselves as they explore their education from the comfort of their own homes, and what sounds better than that? Have you tried online classes yet?

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