7 Best SAT Prep Books

Ginger Abbot

May 19, 2022
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Studying for the SATs can feel a little stressful. Thankfully there are tons of resources to help you practice your skills. SAT prep books are handy tools. So, here are seven of the best SAT prep books to check out. 

1. Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus 

The book offers a comprehensive guide to the exam and how it works. It also gives you insight into what type of questions you would expect. The resource provides a range of practice questions and full-length exams. It even provides an online tool to generate a custom study plan. The virtual resource has a bank of 250 questions with detailed answers. 

Along with the questions, you can also learn some expert strategies. However, this book may have a lower challenge level. So, it’s a great refresher to use with other resources. 

2.  SAT Prep Black Book Second Edition

This book provides an in-depth look at the exam, helping you feel fully prepared. It discusses things such as the test format and the type of questions. It even explains why specific questions are asked. One thing that makes it the best SAT prep book is it provides information on how to spot trick questions. This can allow you to pick the best answer without getting distracted. 

The book also provides practical strategies. It’s divided into four sections. The first is understanding the SAT and then one section for each of the subjects. Each section provides background material and clear explanations for the answers. 

Although its downsides are it lacks content, and the information can get repetitive. Also, it doesn’t contain any actual practice exams, so you will need to find these online. 

3.   Barron’s SAT Study Guide

Barron’s SAT Study Guide provides multiple practice exams. These tests are in the book and online. So, you have plenty of opportunities to hone in on your skills. The online version even has automated scoring.  

The book also comes with a diagnostic tool. The resource helps identify your weak spots. Knowing where you can improve can help you use your study time more productively. When studying, take breaks and get outside to increase performance. Keep in mind is this book will require a level of drive and self-discipline. 

4.  College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide

Since the authors of the SAT wrote the book, the questions are similar to the actual exam. Inside the cover, you will find a detailed breakdown of why each answer is correct. The book even includes walkthroughs and tips for answering the essay question. 

The questions come from past tests, which is why it’s one of the best SAT prep books. You can become familiar with the type of language used and the standard format. The test is divided into two sections-math and reading and writing. The reading test is about 60 minutes, and the math one is 80 minutes long. 

The one downside of the book is it offers a limited amount of tips and tricks. Instead, it focuses on building your skills. 

5. Kallis’ SAT Pattern Strategy

Kallis’ SAT Pattern Strategy book offers full-length practice tests. Practice exams can help ease your stress when taking the actual SAT. The book also provides questions similar to the official test and step-by-step explanations. So, you can understand exactly how to correct your mistakes.

 Another perk is it reviews the fundamentals of grammar, literature, and math. Also, the book discusses the structure and format of the SAT. Some of the downsides are it offers fewer learning strategies and is more costly. The price is around $30 on Amazon. 

6.  McGraw-Hill Education SAT Elite 2020

This study tool offers eight practice tests both online and on paper. It also provides a diagnostic test. You can use the tool to come up with an effective study plan. One thing that makes it one of the best SAT prep books is it addresses how Covid-19 affected test-taking. Knowing the information allows students to prepare for any new changes. 

The book breaks down each concept in detail for students who need a little extra help with math. Although, the reading and writing material isn’t as strong. 

7. The Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT, 2020 Edition

Similar to the other study guides, the book features helpful practice tests. When taking the practice exams, try to create similar conditions to those of testing day. For example, time yourself and become familiar with your exam location. Also, only use the resources you would be allowed to use on the actual SAT. So, on the day of the test, there should be no surprises. 

Along with the questions, there are explanations for each answer. Also, there is an online element helping you to score your practice tests.  So, you can save time and focus more on reviewing key concepts. 

Although, some of the concepts may be too conceptually easy or have elaborate wording. Also, there is a lack of content in particular subject areas. 

The Best SAT Prep Books To Check Out 

SATs are essential in helping you to get into college. So, you want to make sure you do your best. Using study resources can make you feel prepared and confident on test days. To help you ace your exams, review this list of the best SAT prep books and pick up one today. 

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