Working From Home: 9 Best Remote Companies

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Nov 27, 2020

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For college students, attending classes, studying for exams and working on projects is a full-time job. Unfortunately, though, no one’s paying you to work hard. In this case, you’re the one shelling out the cash. Even if you wanted to get a job, you wouldn’t have the time or motivation to get dressed and commute to an office every day. 

But what if you didn’t have to go anywhere? If you could open your laptop and work whenever and wherever you wanted, would you do it? This dream has become a reality for millions during the pandemic. While some companies rely on in-person operations and plan to return to the office in the future, others are going digital and now offer fully remote job positions to people just like you. 

If you’re interested in working from home and nixing the commute so you have more time to study, send your application to one of these stellar companies. 

1. Modern Tribe Inc.

Modern Tribe is a rapidly growing software and design company dedicated to bridging the gap between people and technology. They offer full-time and contract positions, hiring people from all over the world. As an employee, you’ll contribute to large-scale WordPress deployments, product designs, and more. With Modern Tribe, you can become a full stack developer, front-end engineer, or a data and quality assurance analyst. 

2. Cofense

If you fantasize about becoming the most notorious hacker in the world, a job at Cofense may be of interest to you. Be on the right side of history as you protect clients from phishing, online scams and hackers. As you tighten online perimeters, you might even get the chance to help one of the Fortune 1000 organizations that Cofense serves. Ultimately, you’ll prove that you’re even more powerful than hackers, themselves. 

3. TaxJar

Do you love learning about business and the economy’s inner workings? Apply for a position at TaxJar. This company is fully remote and recruits from a varied pool of candidates, so you may earn a place among tax specialists, even if your major has nothing to do with your accounting or financial management. Build products to help customers simplify sales tax and enjoy good benefits and a competitive salary to boot. 

4. X-Team

X-team is also completely remote, giving people around the world a chance to work from home. You can also travel the world to work alongside other X-Teamers at a free outpost. The company is looking for a variety of developers, data engineers and sales managers to work with clients like Fox and Twitter. In addition to many exciting career growth opportunities, you’ll also receive an annual $2,500 bonus to fund a gym membership, grocery shopping, productivity apps and more. 

5. Wayfair

Wayfair has headquarters in Boston but employs thousands of team members from across the globe. This company seeks professionals who are interested in e-commerce and can work quickly and effectively from home. Therefore, if you can’t eliminate distractions in your remote office, keeping up with Wayfair’s fast pace may be a challenge. Join their customer service team or partner with the company by offering your skills as a web designer or e-commerce specialist. 

6. TranscribeMe 

Are you into information technology? Check out TranscribeMe. This company uses a hybrid technology-human platform to transcribe audio in multiple languages to text with near-perfect accuracy. They offer 100% remote full-time, part-time alternative and flexible schedule positions 100%. Partner with TranscribeMe by applying for a job in data entry, transcription, translation or editing. All you need is a passion for the English language and a high school diploma.


If you’re currently studying to become a teacher, a job with VIPKID may be perfect for you. This company earned the third highest spot in FlexJobs’ list of the top 100 best remote companies — and not without reason. VIPKID is an award-winning English language learning services company that allows employees to work anywhere in the world. Teach English to children in China and enjoy ongoing paid training, a competitive salary, and professional development opportunities.

8. Salesforce 

Salesforce continues to dominate the world of customer relationship management, making them even more successful than Adobe, Microsoft, and the rest of the top 20 CRM vendors combined. Their teams include recruiting, customer success, technology and product design, marketing, finance, salesforce research and more, so you can find your niche. Enjoy essential benefits, monthly wellness reimbursements, donation matching and generous holiday time when you join forces with Salesforce.

9. Aerotek

Help others find their dream career at Aerotek. This world-leading global staffing and recruiting firm serves almost all of the Fortune 500. Find full-time, part-time freelance and flexible schedule positions to suit your lifestyle and career path. Browse their clerical, accounting, engineering, skilled trade and scientific jobs to find one that could use your expertise — and your college degree. If you’re a good match, a recruiter will reach out, so you can begin recruiting others just like you.

Finding Remote Work That Works for You

As you might have noticed, some careers offer more remote career opportunities than others. Career fields offering the best remote jobs often include medical, education, sales, accounting, design, and information technology. However, if your field of study doesn’t match any of these careers, you can still explore other viable options. 

Consider freelance work and sell your services independent of a company. Look for short-term positions that might lead to a full-time job, especially upon graduating college. Don’t give up until you exhaust all your options. There are more remote jobs now than ever before, so there’s a high possibility that at least one of them will work for you.

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