Why a Job in Retail is Great!

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Mar 5, 2021

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This guest post was authored by Marcia Windsor-Waite of StudentJobUK.

University is expensive, right? The list of outgoings you have is endless, from paying your rent, buying food, textbooks and of course nights out! Having a part-time job is, therefore, a great idea if you are struggling with money but it also comes with a variety of other benefits. In this article, I am going to give you an insight into why a job in retail might be perfect for you! 


A job in retail provides you with flexibility, this is one of the reasons why a job in retail is great when you are a student. Your manager has probably been a student before so knows how hectic your day-to-day life is, so will make sure your work hours fit around your studies. 

Retail shops are often open late, so they allow you to attend your lectures and tutorials during the day and then work in the evenings. Of course, working on the weekends is also great, and avoids your part-time work getting in the way of your studies. Also, because retail stores don’t often stay open past 8-9 pm it allows you to still have a social life and go out with your friends! 

Extra money 

Retail jobs are a great way to earn a bit of extra money alongside your studies. Whether you need the extra money to help you pay your rent, fund your nights out, your shopping addiction or saving up for a holiday with your mates. Retail jobs also pay pretty well, and because you don’t get tips and will have a contract you will know exactly how much you are going to earn each month; this is great when you are a student and need to budget. 

Alongside your basic pay, when working in retail you will often have a staff discount which is always a bonus. Especially, if you love the clothes or items your shops sells, however, it could also mean that any money you make goes straight back to where you work- I can speak from experience! 

Soft skill development

A job in retail will also teach you a variety of soft skills, which is extremely valuable when applying to jobs once you graduate. Some of the key skills you will learn when working in retail include time management, teamwork, organization and communication, these are all skills which employers will look for when recruiting new employers, it is therefore great to have a part-time job to talk about and support how you developed and used these skills.

Great way to make new friends 

A job in retail also offers you a great opportunity to make new friends. Although you probably have lots of friends at university or in the city you live, a part-time job is a great way to expand your friendship network. Retail jobs are extremely sociable, and your employees will often host events like Christmas Parties and team meals. Even though I left my job in retail a couple of years ago, I still regularly keep in contact with my ex-colleagues and meet up with them for a catch-up. 

Room for growth 

Although you might start your job in retail as a Saturday Girl/Boy, there will be opportunities to move up within the company. Whether this is becoming a visual, a manager or moving even higher up into the area manager positions and so on. The opportunity for development in retail is endless and could be a great job once you have completed your degree.  

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