What You Need to Know About STEM MBA Programs

Ginger Abbot

Apr 19, 2023

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Careers in information technology and business are booming in the 21st century. That means it’s more important than ever to have a degree. Finding a STEM MBA program that’s right for you can kick-start your career in the business sector. Here’s what you need to know about STEM MBA programs and how they can benefit you.

What is a STEM MBA Program?

STEM stands for “science, technology, engineering and mathematics.” These types of programs combine business management with technical expertise to ensure its students completely understand technology and business. As the tech sector evolves, new companies are appearing and old ones are incorporating technology solutions. This makes STEM MBA programs very relevant in today’s world.

Why Choose a STEM MBA Program?

If you’re looking to start your own business or a career in the tech industry, STEM MBAs will be an excellent asset for you. One of the advantages of a STEM MBA is gaining a flexible career path. These programs can set you up for success across a wide range of industries in the tech and business sectors by teaching you skills that will keep you relevant.

Many businesses and organizations today are very interested in individuals who can perform a variety of technology-related roles. For example, retail companies like Walmart are looking for candidates who can fill eCommerce roles as part of their global advertising department. STEM MBA programs can also prepare you for roles in software marketing, tech consulting and fintech development.

What Schools Offer STEM MBA Programs?

Another crucial thing you need to know about STEM MBA programs is where to find one. As you can imagine, there are a wide variety of schools that are offering STEM MBA programs. Finding the right one for you will take a bit of research.

USC Marshall School of Business

The University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business offers a full-time STEM certified MBA program for graduate students. This program uses a “holistic” academic model that integrates academic and career development.

Their program has a big focus on preparing students for global business challenges. This includes working with multinational companies domestically and as part of their abroad program.

Johnson Cornell SC College of Business

Cornell University’s one-year STEM Johnson Cornell Tech MBA program is an accelerated program that aims to teach students in the tech industry about business and entrepreneurship. This program focuses on hands-on experience in a wide range of disciplines. Some lessons covered include engineering, business law and computer science. 

The program is split into two parts and delivered at two different campuses. The first occurs during the summer semester at Cornell’s Ithaca, New York campus and is 14 weeks long. 

Students will learn business topics such as marketing, accounting and leadership during this time. 

Students will attend Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island in New York City for the second half. They will spend the remaining two semesters learning about the tech industry there. This half of the program allows students access to the most state-of-the-art facilities.

Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern Kellogg School of Management has a STEM MBA program available at their Miami, FL, campus or their Evanston, IL campus. There is virtually no difference in the program between the two campuses — students can access the same facilities and lessons. 

The campuses meet the needs of executive students — complete with dorms and state-of-the-art facilities. What sets Kellogg apart is its Global Network program. This allows students to study abroad at campuses in Canada, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. 

Students participating in the Global Network program can work alongside international business leaders and take classes taught by experts in their fields. The program also provides opportunities to make professional connections and investigate emerging markets worldwide.

Carnegie Mellon University

STEM MBA programs are offered at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. The program is interdisciplinary, covering fields in the engineering, technology and business fields across multiple campuses. 

To prepare students for the future, the program strongly emphasizes analysis — with the study of business and data analytics making up the first part of the program. Students will master tools such as optimization, prescriptive and predictive modeling. 

Another unique aspect of the Tepper School of Business’s STEM MBA program is allowing international students to work in the U.S. Students with an F-1 visa are permitted to work in the U.S. for up to 12 months. Graduate students can apply for a 24-month extension after completing their OPT.


The MS/MBA program at Harvard Business School has recently integrated STEM topics into its curriculum to better prepare its students for the technology revolution in business. This program is available for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

The program utilizes two campuses. The Harvard Business School and the Harvard Jon A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. It spans the course of four semesters and is completed in two years. This is in addition to winter and summer coursework — almost a fifth semester’s worth. 

Students will have the opportunity to work with company executives and entrepreneurs during the course of the program. They will also have access to the latest technology and learn more about emerging trends in science and technology.

Temple University

The STEM MBA program at Temple University Fox School of Business is a highly flexible program that features a realistic curriculum. Students can choose between a full-time or a part-time project, either on campus or online. 

The full-time program takes two years to complete, whereas the part-time and online programs can take from two to six years. An executive MBA program is also available for experienced, senior-level leaders. These take place one weekend per month for sixteen months. 

The STEM portion of the program is also available as a graduate, master’s or doctoral program. Students can engage in any STEM research and be on the cutting edge of the latest scientific and technological innovations. Graduate students at Temple can work alongside scholars and experts in their chosen fields.

STEM MBA Programs are Highly Valuable

In the 21st century, business and technology are becoming more inseparable. Future business leaders and entrepreneurs need an understanding of technology and business in equal measure. A STEM MBA education will make you even more valuable to businesses, giving you the tools you need to start your own business.

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