What Jobs Can You Get With an English Literature Degree?

Ginger Abbot

Aug 8, 2022

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When most people think of an English Literature degree, they think of only the teaching profession. While you can most definitely teach with an English degree, there are many other occupations you can do with a degree in English as well. What jobs can you get with an English Literature degree? Let’s explore some other options available for you if you are considering majoring in English. 


Copywriting usually requires a Bachelor’s degree in English or a related major such as journalism. Copywriters write about varying topics and cover content that is sometimes utilized to persuade or market items for businesses. Content that copywriters produce can be used for websites, magazines or other media outlets. On average, the most common salary per year in the U.S. for copywriters is $61,657. 


Traditional print publishing has taken a nose-dive recently, thanks to digital technologies. However, digital publishing continues to thrive and warrants a need for exceptional individuals in this field. Digital publishing offers online magazines, e-books, news sites and electronic journals. Most media outlets in the world of publishing are competitive, so internships are recommended during your college years. Stay up to date with industry trends while pursuing this career path. If you have a love and passion for books of all kinds, publishing might be the perfect option for you. 


Marketing is another viable option for English degree majors. Within the marketing sector, you will be responsible for generating a profit and expanding the brand or business reach within the marketing sector. Marketing provides a higher based salary than most other artistic avenues that can be pursued within the English field of work. Being well-equipped to manage technology is preferable with the advancement of technology and the PR that goes along with a marketing role. Craft a creative portfolio of ideas and business plans to wow your prospective employers. 


If you are a lover of words and live to re-work texts, editing might be the job for you. Editors do so much more than review written works. They rearrange, restructure and sometimes rewrite content that can genuinely wow their clients or employers. They verify facts written by writers and flesh out content for better reading experiences. Editors have an average salary of $53,115 per year with the potential to advance with experience. Editing is one of the highest-paid roles you can get with an English Literature degree. Building a professional portfolio and network during your college career can significantly impact job placements once you graduate. 

Graduates looking to embark on an editing career can look for jobs at many companies. They can begin their work as interns in publishing houses or work their way up the corporate ladder by starting as a writer. Editors can also work on books written by authors. There are many different avenues you can take in the editing world, so ensure you are looking for one that best suits you and your writing skills. 

Earning an English Degree

What jobs can you get with an English Literature degree? Among these other occupations, you could pursue freelance writing opportunities, become a novelist or seek other avenues of employment like becoming a paralegal or other legal jobs. If English is your passion, there are many ways you use an English degree with myriad benefits. 

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