What Does an Educational Sponsor Get in Return?


Aug 23, 2021

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Student-run clubs are a great way to learn new skills while interacting with your friends. To help your club run smoothly, you may need additional funds. Educational sponsors are a big help. Here are some of the benefits educational sponsors receive.

Educational Sponsor Benefits

Education sponsors help your club grow while also marketing their company. Here are some of the other ways educational sponsors can benefit.

1. Provides Employment Opportunities

The company can connect and interact with your club members. This is a great way to find potential recruits for their company. Educational sponsors often have free access to your club’s events. This gives them a chance to engage with their target audience and find suitable candidates.

Once you receive the funds, you’re also more likely to keep in mind the organization when applying for jobs after college.

2. Increases Marketing Connections

Another benefit of being an educational sponsor is the opportunity to spread the word about their brand. You might print the organization’s name on an event program or have their logo on your club’s apparel. With this exposure, companies can reach a wider audience. They can also interview club members to help conduct market research.

Along with reaching a wider audience, they can market directly to their consumers. This way, they can form personal connections instead of relying on online advertisements. It is also a cheaper marketing tool.

Helping out your club can paint the organization in a positive light. It shows they want to assist students who are financially limited. This charitable reputation can bring in more business for the company.

3. Allows for Financial Benefits

The relationship sponsors form with students can generate more leads and drive sales. Having your club promote its products can attract more customers. Having companies more involved in events, conferences or your club’s on-campus activities can increase their networking opportunities. You might even offer them free tickets to events.

Besides gaining new business through direct interaction, educational sponsors can receive certain tax deductions. If they meet IRS requirements, the sponsorship can be viewed as a charitable donation, exempting them from taxes.

4. Provides a Chance to Give Back

While funding can help a business grow, it’s also a great way to give back to the local community. Being a contributor to the club shows they support higher education. It also sets them apart from other competitors.

The funds provided directly impact the students. They help expand your club. Being part of an organization also allows you to gain personal skills, such as leadership and teamwork.

Here are some of the other benefits of joining a club:

  • You’ll learn more about yourself.
  • You’ll develop better communication skills.
  • You’ll access networking opportunities.
  • You’ll get to use skills learned in class.
  • You’ll be able to expand your resume.

5.  It’s a Way to Get to Know Students Outside of the Classroom

Education sponsors also have the benefit of getting to know students on a more personal level. If they work at your college, it’s a good chance for them to get to know you away from an academic setting. The stronger the relationship, the more significant opportunities for networking outside the classroom.

Education supporters also help shape students in a more impactful way. They may even pass down some of their knowledge and wisdom to you.

6. Creates Content for Social Media Campaigns

Having access to your club’s events is an excellent opportunity for companies to get photos for social media. It can show the organization’s charitable side while adding engaging content to its social media accounts.

With sites such as Instagram and Linkedin becoming the new way to reach consumers, brands need to keep up. Having direct access to your club’s social activities provides them with multiple opportunities for fresh content. It also increases their online presence.

7. Gives the Flexibility to Promote Business Objectives

Organizations can use your club’s events to promote their goals. They can work with you to get across a specific message. Their access to your college’s resources can help them expand their local consumer network. They can attend your club’s educational or career exploration events.

How to Work With Educational Sponsors

There are many benefits for educational sponsors. When you’re working with them, you want to maintain a positive relationship. Here are some tips for a beneficial partnership.

Set SMART Goals

These goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. You want to focus on how the sponsorship can directly benefit your club and an appropriate timeline to achieve these goals. This can make it easier once you start working together.

Know What to Look For

You want to find a company that best matches your objectives. Here are some things to look out for:

  • They are active in the community.
  • They have the funds to support your requests.
  • They align with your ethics and morals.
  • They don’t make any unreasonable requests in exchange for their support.

Make Your Pitch

Once you have done some research on potential sponsors, it’s time to make your case. Think about the goals you had in mind and what you can offer them. Having good persuasion and negotiation skills will come in handy. Consider using statistics, such as your club’s attendance number, to enhance your argument.

Be Realistic

Some companies may be able to help more than others. A smaller-sized company might not have as many funds to offer as a larger corporation. Although, they may already be sponsoring other organizations. Also, keep in mind they may decline your proposal. So, don’t take the rejection personally.

Uphold Your End of the Deal

Keep in mind what you agreed to offer them. If you decide to include the company’s logo on club announcements, then be sure to follow through. You also want to make sure you’re upholding the contract you signed. A breach of contract could lead to your club losing its sponsorship.

Keep Communication Open

Once you find the right sponsor, have an open line of communication. This will help ensure you are both benefiting from the partnership. You want to solve the problem right away if there is confusion over any contract terms or conditions.

The Advantages of Being an Educational Sponsor

When you join a student organization, you receive many benefits, such as gaining interpersonal skills. Educational sponsors help keep these clubs running. They also receive additional benefits. Keep these in mind when looking for your club’s next sponsor.

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