Top 10 Best Places to Study Abroad for College Students

Ginger Abbot

Jul 15, 2019
top study abroad locations

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Thinking about the best places to study abroad?

If you’re an explorer or a dreamer with an itch for new places, implementing travel into your educational track is a great idea. With a study abroad program, you can discover cost-efficient, culturally enriching opportunities to see the world — all while furthering your studies.

But where in the world should you go? Your options stretch as far as the horizon. Explore 10 of the best places to study abroad during college.

1. Japan

Students flock to Japan for its wide-reaching popular culture and rich history. If you love anime and manga, visit Mitaka, which hosts a museum dedicated to the beloved Studio Ghibli.

If you enjoy ancient architecture and natural landscapes, Japan offers so much to explore. The country boasts beautiful mountain ranges and volcanoes — such as Mount Fuji in Honshu — and traditional shrines and temples. The famous Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima is a renowned tourist spot. If you prefer more modern settings, cities like Toyko and Fukuoka provide a host of culinary opportunities and culture-specific entertainment like karaoke bars and nightclubs.

Here are the top study abroad programs for Japan:

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2. Argentina

With its multiple ethnic groups, Argentina’s population is as diverse as its landscape. Unforgettable experiences await you in this country. Attend a soccer game, dig into an Argentinian beef meal or partake in a wine-tasting session in Mendoza. The people of Buenos Aires are famous for a dance you’re probably familiar with — the tango. Slip into your dancing shoes while you’re there. In Rosario, you can check out the Rosario-Victoria bridge and stop by Independence Park.

See more of Argentina’s landscape in the Andes mountains, the Iguazu Falls or the Patagonia National Park.

Visit Argentina through these programs:

3. England

England’s language will make you feel welcome right away — but there are plenty of cultural differences to make the UK a rich study abroad experience. Whether you’re in a big city or an idyllic village, you’ll fall in love with this nation’s charm, diversity and beautiful scenery.

Warm your stomach with shepherd’s pie or a Lancashire hotpot. Get your hands on authentic fish and chips in the port city of Bristol. If you love chocolate, Cadbury World in Birmingham offers a delicious treat.

For literature fans, the homes of icons like William Shakespeare and Jane Austen offer an immersive experience. And if you’re a movie buff, attractions like the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios and the set of Downton Abbey are sure to excite you. Travel to the London area to see icons like Big Ben, Stonehenge and the River Thames up close, or take a train journey to tour the breathtaking northern Lake District.

Explore everything England has to offer with these study abroad programs:

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4. South Korea

South Korea continually makes its mark on the world with K-pop music and technological advancements like 5G internet. The capital city Seoul bustles with activity — so you’ll never be bored. Looking for a birds-eye view? The N Seoul Tower gives you amazing views of the city while you enjoy an authentic meal. Myeong-dong is another high-energy area where you can shop for clothes, cosmetics, skincare and food. Catch a show at the Myeong-dong Nanta Theatre while you’re there.

If you’re more of a beachgoer, Busan and Jeju are a study abroad paradise.

Explore these programs in South Korea:

5. France

France is the third biggest country in Europe, which gives you plenty of room for adventure. This country is home to Paris — the City of Love and epicenter for luxury fashion. Eat a souffle or try some macarons at a local Parisian shop. See the Effiel Tower, the Louvre Museum or the Palace of Versailles. Sail on the sparkling waters of Marseille or visit the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde.

Study abroad in France with one of these top programs:

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6. Italy

You won’t readily forget the architecture, art or cuisine of Italy. Go on a gondola ride in Venice or see the majestic Pantheon and Colosseum in Rome. Roman architectural styles characterize the ancient feeling of Italy and will leave a significant mark on your memory. If you’re hungry from all the touring, indulge in some authentic Italian pizza. If you want a new culinary experience, try saltimbocca.

Consider these programs in Italy:

7. Morocco

Rabat, the capital of Morocco, is recognizable by its mosques and the Hassan Tower. Casablanca is Morocco’s biggest city, and it’s the central place to go if you love fast-paced city life. Meknes is the smallest of all three, but make no mistake — its charm is everpresent. Check out the lavish Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail.

See new sights in Morocco through these study abroad providers:

8. New Zealand

Discover new experiences in the major cities of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, New Zealand. The Rangitoto and Waiheke Islands of Auckland are perfect for those who favor tropical landscapes. Close your day out with a serving of Hokey Pokey ice cream, recognizable by caramel-covered pieces of honeycomb.

Dive into an educational adventure in New Zealand:

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9. Australia

The radiant beaches of the Gold Coast make a picture-perfect place to take a break from your studies while abroad. After basking on the beaches, explore Australia’s numerous other attractions.

Expand your explorations to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Sydney Opera House is an architect’s dream, but the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization also listed it as a World Heritage Site. Take in the lush natural scope of Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Garden. If you visit Brisbane, you can stop by the Gallery of Modern Art to get inspired.

Take courses in Australia through these programs:

10. Ireland

Ireland’s culture is strong and its communities friendly — a distinction its kind-hearted, welcoming natives take pride in. If linguistics fascinate you, take a stab at learning Irish, the country’s official language. The people of Ireland are sure to encourage your ambitious language-learning endeavors.

Get swept up in the bustle of Dublin with a gin and tonic bus tour. If you’re looking for something quieter, you can relax and catch up with history in the small town of Killarney. When you’re chasing exhilaration, stare across the sea from the green, gorgeous Cliffs of Moher.

Here are some programs to consider in Ireland:

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Pack Your Bags for the Best Places to Study Abroad in College

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