Tips for Writing a “Is College for Everyone” Essay

Ginger Abbot

Feb 23, 2023

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Are you writing a college essay about college and if it’s right for everyone? Writing college or high school essays can be challenging, with the added pressure of wanting to fit in and impress your teachers or professors. If you are struggling to find your voice or decide where to begin, these tips for writing the “Is College for Everyone” essay can help!

Do Your Research

Is college for everyone? What do you think? Personalize your essay with strong writing skills emphasizing your voice and opinion. If it’s an objective essay, you can tailor your writing to express the pros and cons of each perspective and look for information that backs them up. 

Ensure to cover all aspects of the prompt ranging from why college might not be right for some people and what other options there are. You could weigh the differences between experiences and a college degree and the benefits of interning before college to get your feet wet and see if it’s right for you. Use scholarly sources as much as possible for credible information that supports your statements and the benefits and drawbacks of attending college. 

Make an Outline 

Making an outline helps keep you organized and on task during the writing process. You can sway from your outline, but having that structure can help you hone in on what you want to say. It also provides you with guidelines and parameters to keep your writing organized. Focus on your introduction to draw readers in with a hook and finish strong in your conclusion for a well-rounded essay.

Start your introduction with a question or an engaging personal experience to grab your reader’s attention. End with a brief summary of your essay or a final statement or two that drives your point home. You can always stick to your outline and go back to flesh out your writing later, but an outline is an excellent starting point that can get the ball rolling to start your essay. 

Fuel Your Creativity

Get some snacks and give your mind some brain fuel for excellent writing. Pay attention to when you are most productive and use those hours to your advantage by honing your energy levels. Freewrite to get your creative juices flowing and organize them later. Freewriting can help take the pressure off and help you get your juices flowing to structure your essay and add a personal touch. 

To freewrite, just start writing whatever comes to mind about the “Is College for Everyone” essay. Don’t worry about editing or mistakes–just write. If you’re experiencing writer’s block, you likely have a sense of perfectionism. Taking a break and walking outside can help clear your head and inspire creativity. Come back refreshed and ready to tackle your assignment. Give yourself permission to just start writing–you can edit it later. 

Edit Your Essay 

You’ll want to proofread and edit your essay before you submit it to your professor. Ensure that you review the rubric or syllabus to meet all the requirements and specifications. Editing can put your writing into perspective and help ensure it is clearly and effectively written. 

Reading aloud is an excellent way to catch errors in your tone, punctuation or other grammatical errors you may have made. Ensure that your voice remains throughout the paper–don’t edit out your personal touch. Your voice is what makes your writing yours and helps you shine. 

Writing a “Is College for Everyone” Essay

Just be yourself when writing a “Is College for Everyone” essay. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to write something extraordinary since this can limit your productivity and create mental blocks. Do your research, make an outline and dive in–practice makes perfect! View every assignment as an opportunity to learn and grow your skills. You’ll have them mastered in no time! 

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