The Ultimate Dorm Cleaning Schedule

Carolina Jacobs

May 6, 2022

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If you thought you could get away with a messy room in college, think again! Just because your parents aren’t pestering you to clean doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. In fact, reorganizing and cleansing your dorm on a regular basis can remove dirt, germs, and bacteria that can accumulate and make you and your roommates sick. Plus, maintaining a basic cleaning routine will help your room look cozy and inviting so you feel right at home — even if you are away at college. 

Spray, mop, and wipe your way to a brighter, fresher room with this ultimate dorm cleaning schedule. It only takes a few minutes a day, and it’s sure to leave you feeling organized and refreshed. So roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work!

Daily To-Dos 

If your dorm room is small — and who’s isn’t? — there are only a few tasks you should check off your cleaning list each day.

1. Make the Bed 

As soon as you roll out of bed in the morning, turn around and fix the covers. It’s a simple task that many people see no point in. Yet, making your bed every day could improve your focus, productivity, and mood. Plus, it’ll make your entire dorm look more put together and make naps a bit less tempting. 

2. Clear Off Surfaces 

Next, look around at the bedside table, the shelves, and perhaps your desk. Are there any items you can remove to clear off surfaces and create space? Put all belongings back in their proper place and toss any trash lying around. 

3. Hang Up Clothes

Take a quick visual sweep of your floor, too. Perhaps you’re unconsciously creating a pile of clothes in the corner or leaving all your shoes in front of the door. Either way, your wardrobe is accumulating in places it shouldn’t, so you might as well grab some hangers — or an over-door shoe rack — and get to organizing. 

Weekly Tasks

While your daily dorm cleaning schedule will include simple, surface-level chores, your weekly routine should include a few more time-consuming ones. These may include some or all of the following. 

1. Do Laundry 

Most college students have no choice but to do a load of laundry at least once a week. After all, you only have so many pairs of sweatpants and fuzzy socks. Designate times for washing and folding each week so you always have a cozy outfit to wear. 

2. Wipe Down Surfaces 

Clearing off surfaces is one thing. Wiping them down is another matter entirely. Grab some paper towels and cleaning supplies and go to town on your desk, side table, light switches, TV remote, and all other frequently-touched surfaces. 

3. Vacuum or Sweep 

If you only have a few square feet of floor space, you’ll only have to sweep about once per week. Get a small, handheld vacuum that’s portable and comes with a storage compartment or carrying case to make your job easier. Just a few passes over your carpet should do the trick, so this task should only take a few minutes. 

Monthly Responsibilities 

Living in a small dorm also means you’ll have fewer monthly cleaning responsibilities. Add the following to-dos to your list — and your calendar — to keep every inch of your room neat all semester long.  

1. Dust All Surfaces

Grab your feather duster or a few Swiffer cloths and set about wiping down your desk chair, shelves, knick-knacks and anything else that can collect dust. Then, do a deep-dust every three months and wipe everything from fan blades to floorboards. Doing so will minimize the buildup that often contributes to respiratory problems. 

2. Clean Appliances 

Do you have a mini-fridge or espresso machine in your dorm room? Perhaps you’ve found outlets to accommodate a toaster or electric oven. In this case, it’s a good idea to deep-clean these and other appliances every month. Follow manufacturer instructions or use an online guide to disassemble and scrub out each one. 

3. Wash Your Bedding

Your sheets, pillowcases and blankets could use a monthly wash, too. Pick a day to strip the bed toss everything in the washer. You may have to run two loads if you want to wash your comforter or an extra fluffy throw. Nothing beats sleeping in a clean bed, though, so all your hard work is sure to be worth it. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the chore again for another month. 

Keeping Your Dorm Room Tidy

The most effective dorm cleaning schedule is the one you implement, so put yours to the test and see how it goes! Perhaps it’s easier to complete weekly or monthly tasks on the weekends when you’re out of class. Or maybe you need to reschedule some chores so you actually remember to do them. 

As you implement your cleaning schedule, feel free to change and readjust it to best suit your calendar. Then, stick with whatever works to keep your dorm room tidy all year long.

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