The Importance of GRE Tutoring   

Ginger Abbot

Aug 10, 2022
gre tutoring

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If you’re planning to attend graduate school you will have to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). The test aims to measure your academic readiness to enter graduate school. Depending on the program, you may have to also take a subject test. These will cover specific fields, like biology. The exams require extensive studying and practice. So, this is importance of GRE tutoring. 

How to Find a Tutor 

Start by searching for a tutor online. There are many websites out there that connect you with instructors, such as Wyzant. You can also look into colleges within your area. Contact their career service office for references. If you have an advisor for your graduate program, ask them for recommendations. In addition, see if you can get a private tutor from companies that teach test prep courses. 

Once you’ve narrowed down a tutor, determine if they have the right qualifications. Consider how many years of experience they have. Someone who has more experience has established methods for preparing students. 

Also, look for someone who takes the test on a semi-regular basis. You want them to be familiar with the formula of the exam. That way they will understand what it takes to pass and be more empathetic. Plus, the material may change from year to year. 

Another important thing to consider is their methods and approach. How do they stand out from other instructors? You want to make sure their methods align with your learning style. For example, are you more of an auditory or visual learner?  Also, you want someone who actively listens to your questions and uses a variety of tools. 

Also, ask about their pricing expectations. You want to make sure the GRE tutoring fits within your budget. The average tutor is around $30 at the lower end. In addition, ask what else is included with the price. For example, will they offer support for grad school applications? 

The last thing to consider is getting reviews for previous students. They can help you uncover insider information, not on the instructor’s resume. They can also confirm the tutors teaching styles. Ask the tutor directly for references you can contact. If you find someone online there are usually student reviews on the website. Along with references, ask for proof of increased student scores. 

The Benefits of GRE Tutoring 

Studying for the GRE takes time and practice. You want to start studying two to four months before the exam. GRE tutors can help guide and support you along the way. Here are some of the main reasons for hiring a teacher.

1. They Provide a Guided Structure 

There are three main parts of the GRE-verbal reading, quantitative, and analytical writing sections. With so much information to review you may not even know where to start. That’s where a tutor can help guide you. They can advise you on which sections you should focus more attention on. 

Then they will come up with a study plan tailored to your needs. Plus, the instructors understand more effective studying strategies. These include familiarizing yourself with the test format and focusing on your weaknesses. 

2. They Hold You Accountable 

When you work with a tutor you have someone else holding you accountable. They will be there to let you know if you’re slacking off. When studying alone, it can be easier to let things slide. Also, GRE tutoring is an effective way to monitor your progress. During the sessions, you’ll take practice tests and get your results. Understanding your progress will help you identify what you need to work on. 

3. They Offer High-Quality Study Materials

Tutors have access to quality materials, improving your chances on the exam. Plus, then you don’t have to buy expensive study materials. For example, the GRE Prep Plus book from Kaplan costs around $21.99. 

These resources familiarize you with the types of questions you will see on the exam. The more comfortable you get with the questions, the less stressed you’ll be on test day. 

4. They Support You

Having someone there to encourage you can make all the difference. Studying for the exam can feel like a lot. Sometimes you need someone to give you that extra push. The instructors will provide strategies along with emotional support. So, you are improving your score while keeping a level head. Plus, the more confidence you have going into the test the less anxious you’ll feel. Keep in mind test anxiety can hinder your performance, so importance of GRE tutoring can increase your confidence. 

5. They Give Expert Advice 

You get advice from people who have first-hand experience. You learn effective strategies from people who know the test very well. Also, teachers may even provide insight into their personal experience with the exam. These tips are invaluable tools you can’t learn on your own. 

Remember the Importance of GRE Tutoring

Taking the GRE is a big step that requires tons of study time. However, there are ways you can make the process simpler, such as GRE tutoring. So, consider hiring a test-prep instructor before taking your next exam. 

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