20 Fun Senior Bucket List Ideas

Ginger Abbot

Feb 23, 2023
senior bucket list

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If you’re in your last year of high school, you have the unique opportunity to start being independent while still having fun as a teenager. It’ll be over before you know it, so take advantage of the time you have left in school with these 20 exciting senior bucket list ideas. 

1. Try a New Hairstyle

Your senior year is the perfect time to shake things up, so why not try a new look? Cut your hair, experiment with temporary dye, or commit to dyeing your ‘do a whole new color. 

2. Ask Your Crush Out

The worst that could happen is they could turn you down. And, who knows? Even if you don’t end up dating, you just might make a new friend.

3. Go Dorm Room Shopping

If you’ll be moving into a dorm when you graduate, it might be fun to start planning ahead and buy a few decorations, new bedding, and kitchen supplies. 

4. Take a Road Trip 

Use your new driver’s license privileges to embark on a road trip with your friends. Go somewhere new or visit a place you loved as a kid. 

5. Ride Your Bike to School

Want some fresh air? Get a little exercise and take in the sights as you ride your bike to class. 

6. Attend Homecoming and Prom 

Going to these two school dances is practically a rite of passage for high school seniors. Plus, shopping for a dress or tuxedo is almost as fun as the dance itself.

7. Go to a School Football Game

Paint your face, make a team spirit sign and cheer for your school’s football players. You can invite your friends out for dinner afterward to make the night even more memorable. 

8. Stay Up All Night

Pull an all-nighter watching movies, reading books, dancing, or gossiping with your friends. Just make sure you don’t have a test the next day!

9. Watch a School Play 

If your high school has a theater group, attend one of their performances. You can even dress up to fit the theme of the play. 

10. Volunteer

Do you have some free time after class? A great senior bucket list idea is to pitch in at the local library, animal shelter, or nursing home. It’s a great way to learn diverse skills and benefit the community.

11. Make a New Friend 

Although you’ll be graduating soon and your friends might move away, right now, you’re still in high school. Make the most of senior year by befriending someone new. 

12. Join a Club

Chances are, your school offers a club based around a subject, game, or activity you enjoy. For example, you might be able to find a group that plays chess, studies together, reenacts historical dramas, or visits local restaurants. Ask around and find out. 

13. Attend a Pep Rally 

Are you bursting with school spirit? Scream and shout at a pep rally, where being as loud as possible is the name of the game. 

14. Go Hiking

If pep rallies aren’t your thing, find solitude on a quiet, sunny nature trail. Bring a backpack full of snacks, then have a picnic far away from the hustle and bustle of your school. 

15. Go to Breakfast Before Class

Invite your friends to a cafe and eat breakfast before school starts. Try ordering something you’ve never tried before. 

16. Pull Off a Senior Prank 

April Fool’s Day and senior pranks go hand-in-hand. Pull a prank on someone at school — just make sure they’ll find it funny, too! 

17. Conquer a Fear

Even if you have a lifelong phobia, you can overcome it. It’s better to conquer that fear while you’re young rather than live with it well into adulthood. 

18. Write a Letter in Someone’s Yearbook

Dedicate one of the blank pages in a fellow student’s yearbook to write a heartfelt note. Years later, they’ll probably look back at it fondly. 

19. Thank Your Teachers

Express your appreciation for the teachers who helped guide you, acted as a mentor, or put in a lot of effort to make their class fun and engaging. Consider giving them a thank-you card or small gift to remember you by. 

20. Throw a Graduation Party

You did it! College or a new career might be just on the horizon, but for now, you’ve earned the right to kick back and celebrate. Savor the experience with food, music, and games. 

Making the Most of High School

Hopefully, these senior bucket list ideas will help get you started as you make your own customized list. Tailor it to your personality and remember, above all else, to have fun. 

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