The 8 Best Notebooks for Class

Carolina Jacobs

Apr 17, 2023
The 8 Best Notebooks for Class

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School supplies help students succeed every semester. Where would you be without your flashcards, highlighters, and calculator? Picking the right supplies can set you up for academic success, but only if you know how to find things like the best notebooks for class.

This guide will help you find the right notebooks for each subject this semester. You’ll take notes and study more confidently because you love the notebooks centralizing your classwork.

How to Choose Notebooks for Class

Picking the right notebook is easier than you might think. First, check your teacher or professor’s recommendations for their students. Depending on how they set up their class, they may require specific size pages or line rulings.

You should also consider how you take notes to determine factors like how much blank space you need or if you prefer lined pages. You might prefer things like:

  • Taking bullet-point notes
  • Color coding lines
  • Writing phrases from lectures
  • Starring important information
  • Drawing examples of what your teacher discusses

Best Notebooks for Students

Once you’re ready to start your notebook search, start with these options that students love for writing and studying. They’re affordable, easy to fit in a backpack, and come in various styles.

1. Mintra Notebook With Poly Pockets

Students often have to walk to class in the rain. Your umbrella might keep you dry, but the rain could still reach your backpack and make your notebooks soggy. This Mintra notebook has water-resistant covers and a poly pocket for anything you need to save. When you need to tear a page out, the microperforated edges will prevent the page from ripping in two.

$11.99 from Amazon

2. Hardcover Floral Notebook Pack

When you need notebooks for multiple classes, a pack like these hardcover floral notebooks won’t disappoint you. The hardcovers protect your notes, while the rigid spirals keep everything in place. You can also outline each week to keep track of your studies within one of these gorgeous notebooks and close them with the built-in elastic bands.

$13.99 from Amazon

3. Ruled Notebook With Pen Holder

There are a few advantages to using this notebook for class. You’ll get a hardcover journal with an elastic closure, plus the added benefit of a pen holder on the side. The paper is also thicker than typical notebooks. Art students and anyone who takes notes in rollerball or gel pens can trust that the ink won’t bleed through to the next page.

$6.99 from Amazon

4. Vintage Composition Notebook

There’s something so satisfying about writing in a vintage composition notebook. The pages will never fly out when you open your notes and the college-ruled lines keep everything in place. You’ll also adore the botanical design if you consider yourself a nature lover.

$5.99 from Amazon

5. Spiral Notebook Pack With Dividers

This notebook pack is excellent for students who need to schedule their homework time or keep track of multiple subjects. Each notebook has five dividers to break the pages into sections. Use one for planning, one for notetaking, and one for studying. You’ll have plenty of spare room for whatever you need from these spiral-bound pages.

$26.99 from Amazon

6. Five Star College-Ruled Notebook

You might recognize the Five Star brand on sight. They’re in most stores that sell school supplies because they make high-quality notebooks for affordable prices. This notebook only costs a few dollars, but it features pages that resist ink bleeding and robust pockets.

$5.09 from Amazon

7. Rocketbook Smart Notebook

If you don’t like to carry multiple notebooks around campus, try the Rocketbook. It comes in numerous sizes with graphing paper and a specialized pen. Take notes in one class and scan them with the Rocketbook app. It will save your handwriting so you can clean and use the same page for your next class.

$21.88 from Amazon

8. Graph Paper Composition Notebook

STEM students likely need a fresh graph paper notebook for their math or science classes. This notebook has 109 pages ready to help you excel in school. The bendable covers allow you to write on any surface and fold the notebook to fit in any backpack.

$3.99 from Amazon

Find the Best Notebooks for Class

Consider using these notebooks for class this year. You’ll have numerous styles ready to help you learn, like a digital notebook or a pack of notebooks with dividers. No matter which you choose, you’ll gain another resource that gets you one step closer to graduation.

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