How To Run a College Club Successfully

Ginger Abbot

Feb 12, 2023

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Running a college club can be an amazing experience and create a good look for your resume. However, many of those who’ve tried starting a club had trouble keeping it going for many reasons.

Sometimes it’s because it’s too much work. Or it can be because people lose interest or have conflicting schedules.

Nevertheless, there are various ways to get your college club started on the right foot, so it’s successful from day one. To keep it going strong so it can flourish throughout the school year, use these tips to help you get started.

1. Make It Feel Valuable to Be Part Of

If you want people to join your club and ensure they stay, it’s important that your club members feel it is something of value. One of the best ways to do this is by giving it a purpose. Doing so allows your members to feel like they’re putting their time and energy into something of use and importance.

That way, you’re helping them feel like they’re making a difference and everyone appreciates their work.

Yet, how can you use this opportunity to ensure people don’t see your college club as something only for fun and games?

One way is by connecting with other organizations on campus and making it feel like a community — such as joining another group and raising awareness about important issues.

2. Have a Clear Mission and Communicate It

Your mission is the reason your club exists. Without it, there’s no purpose to its existence. That’s why it’s so important to have a clearly-defined mission statement. It will guide you and your members to succeed.

Having a clear mission helps you stay focused on what your club stands for, so you can ensure your members align with your goals.

In addition to giving your college club a purpose, you must ensure everyone is on the same page. Here are some ideas for communicating your mission:

  • Use visuals. Consider hanging posters or an image that represents your club’s vision. Place them somewhere prominent so your members can see them as a reminder.
  • Ensure members know what success looks like. Communicate members’ roles and how they contribute to the overall goal of your college club.
  • Get everyone in person. Meeting in person is key to reminding your club members how to take action and reach your club’s goals.

3. Start a Blog and Have Members Contribute

Starting a blog is a great way for people to connect with your college club and hear your thoughts. It’s an important tool for building community, marketing your club, and sharing information with your members. 

Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • Find a topic that relates to your college club and ensure it has enough room for growth.
  • Choose a platform like WordPress or Medium where you can host your blog for free.
  • Create an account to start writing and publishing your content.

Once your blog is up and running, consider having your club members contribute to it and write their own posts. You can use a tool like Google Docs to share your topic ideas and ask club members to write about them.

4. Ask for Money from Academic Departments

As the leader of your college club, you may need to get funding to ensure its success. One way to get financing is convincing faculty members of academic departments to support your college club.

The best way to do this is to first talk to your advisor. They’ll help you write a proposal that includes what you want to do with the money, your budget and how much time it will take.

Next, talk to the dean of your department about how much money you need and why they need to support your club’s activities. They might have suggestions about how they could help you raise more funds from other sources — like asking alums or other clubs at your school for donations.

Finally, once the dean has agreed to give funding, submit an official request letter explaining all the details in writing, so everyone involved knows what’s happening.

5. Focus on Holding Group Discussions and Spark Debates

When running a college club, keeping members happy and engaged is crucial to keep it from fizzling out. A great way to do this is by holding group discussions and sparking debates.

Group discussions are a helpful way to get everyone talking since they allow each member to have a voice in shaping the conversation. It also allows people to learn more about each other and challenge their opinions.

To ensure these conversations do occur, use these tips:

  • Ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute.
  • Listen carefully and try not to interrupt or judge anyone’s opinion immediately.
  • Encourage everyone in the group to ask questions if they don’t understand what someone else is saying.

Learn How to Run a College Club and Do It Right

Now that you know a few ways to run a college club, you can move on to keeping members engaged and networking with others. Remember that a college club can only work when you fuel it with passion. So be sure it is something you love and that your members hold the same interest.

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