How to Raise Money for a School Club

Ginger Abbot

Feb 12, 2023
There are plenty of fun tips on how to raise money for a school club.

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Clubs are a fantastic part of any school or college career you may enjoy. They could be small meetings of people who like the same things or larger skill-based gatherings requiring a budget to fulfill some of their goals. The second type will likely need to know how to raise money for a school club. Such fundraisers have a multitude of options you can choose from to collect the necessary funds for anything your group might need.

Here are a few fundraising ideas you can take to your next club meeting about earning money. Some are simple, while others have a few moving parts to handle. Either way, you and your fellow members can enjoy the fruits of your labors come your next event or equipment upgrade.

1. Hold a School Dance

A school dance doesn’t have to be as fancy as prom — people could come in a t-shirt and jeans and dance the night away to a pre-determined playlist with fun lights. Talk with your school administrators and see if you can organize a fundraiser where the reward is a dance if people help you meet the goal. Because they’re getting something exciting out of it, your fellow students might be more interested in helping you out.

Of course, a school dance will take some extra planning on your part. You’ll have to check with the school and possibly organize the whole thing yourself. However, all the planning might be perfect for you if it’s something you love to do. Plus, you have your club members by your side who can help you along the way.

2. Host a Student Concert

There are likely plenty of kids in your school or college who love to perform but don’t have much of an opportunity to do so. Give them the outlet and audience they crave by hosting a concert. It doesn’t have to be only musicians as well — perhaps the school’s improv group or juggling team would love to show off their skills. Make sure you advertise it well so people know where to sign up and where and when the event will be.

This can be a fantastic tip for how to raise money for a school club because it can grow as the years go by. Eventually, those $5 tickets and cheap refreshments will start to add up. Plus, parents and friends from other schools can come, which gives you additional attendees to earn from. Perhaps they’ll also ask about your club and how they can donate to you. Once people spread the word about where they’re performing, their loved ones might be racing to come.

3. Have a Bake Sale

This tip on how to raise money for a school club is a rather obvious one. Bake sales are probably about as old as the idea of fundraising itself. A lot of people may not be inclined to donate to a random club, but a delicious treat easily entices many of them. Having a bake sale could be even more effective in college, where your fellow students’ high-stress levels might have them craving a bit of sugar.

Ask everyone to join in and whip up their favorite baked good. Can’t bake or don’t have an oven? Not to worry — you and your club members could prepare a variety of Oreo balls instead. Different cookies can go with various types of chocolate, such as dark chocolate and mint or white chocolate and red velvet. Oreo balls are so decadent you might have a few repeat visitors to your bake sale table.

4. Organize a Principal Punishment Challenge

If you’ve seen pictures of school administrators taped to a wall or pied in the face in the name of charity, you know what a principal punishment challenge is. Students can pay money to either add a piece of tape to hold the principal up or get a chance to fill a pie shell with whipped cream and make an absolute mess. No matter how the student body perceives your principal, this could be a fun opportunity to make money for your club.

You could also switch things up and think of a few different punishments for your principal. Then, have your peers vote with their dollars on which one they would like to see. There are even various ways to offer larger sums of votes for more money, such as $1 for one vote, $5 for 10, and $10 for 30. The multiple options could make people interested in spending more for more votes.

Make Raising Money for a School Club Fun

Budgeting for your club can be stressful, but raising money doesn’t have to be. Think of ways to get other students involved so they’ll be more interested in aiding your cause. Hopefully, one or all of these ideas can help you fundraise enough to afford whatever your club needs.

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