How to Prepare for a Job Interview

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Mar 11, 2021
how to prepare for a job interview in college

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This guest post was written by Marcia Windsor-Waite of StudentJobUK.

Job interviews can be pretty daunting right? Especially when you don’t have much practice. However, the interview is the best opportunity you will have to show employers that you are the perfect person for the role. We have therefore put a brief guide together on things you can do to prepare for your interview and reduce the stress and anxiety you might have surrounding it. 

Review the Job Description 

So, you’ve just gotten off the phone with your dream company, how are you going to prepare for the interview? Well, what better place to start than the job description? Most job descriptions are split up into three key areas: 

  • Job Title 
  • Responsibilities and Tasks 
  • Skills required 

It is extremely important that you go through the job description thoroughly and align all of your competencies with the skills required for the position. This will ensure that you ready yourself for potential questions around your previous experience. 

Research the Company 

Organizations look to hire people with values that align with the company culture. By researching the company prior to an interview, it will provide you with insights into the organization’s future goals and plans. Being able to mention these in your interview will highlight to employers that you are invested in the future of the organization. 

What will you Wear

A few days before your interview you want to plan what you’re wearing. Is that white shirt you wanted to wear actually in the wash or screwed up after your last job interview? This is all stress you want to avoid on the day of your interview. 

You also need to dress appropriately for your job interview. If you are going to an interview at a corporate company a suit would be best suited, but if you are going to a retail job interview, a suit might be slightly excessive and maybe a smart pair of trousers with a slightly more casual shirt or top would be better suited. 

Know how you’re getting there! 

When preparing for an interview one of the most important things to consider is how are you going to get there. If you are planning to drive, make sure you have filled your car with fuel the day before, you don’t want to risk getting petrol on your freshly washed shirt. If you are getting public transport make sure you have planned your route and know what time you need to leave.

It is extremely important that you arrive on time for your interview, or better yet, 15 minutes early. Make sure you check the traffic or any potential delays in the morning to prevent yourself from feeling stressed, you don’t want to get to your bus stop and realise there is a 20-minute delay and you’re now going to be late. 

Make sure you go to bed early the day before your interview and wake up early to give yourself plenty of time. 

Prepare for potential questions

Before going to an interview it is a great idea to go through potential questions and make sure you feel comfortable answering them and making sure you can tie your answers into the job description. Practicing with a friend or family member is also a great way to become comfortable with answering these questions and will reduce your anxiety during the interview. 

Prepare questions to ask them 

By asking questions in an interview you will find out quickly whether a job is a right fit for you. Asking questions will also highlight to your interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the role. Think of questions like “why did the previous person in this role leave,” “what does a typical day look like,” or “what are the opportunities for growth within this role?”

Send a Follow-up email

Congratulations! You completed the interview! 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t just stop there. The next step of the process is just as important. In today’s competitive market it is essential that you follow up your initial job interview with a thank-you email to reiterate your interest in the role.  

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