How to Make New Friends as a Freshman

Carolina Jacobs

Feb 10, 2023
Learning how to make new friends as a freshman can help you establish relationships to last you throughout your high school or college career.

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Whether you’re going to high school or college, becoming a freshman at a new school can feel scary. Not only are you going to a new place, but you’ll likely meet a bunch of new people. You might already have a group of friends and want to make some more or feel like you need a fresh start with a whole different crowd. To start, you’ll need to know how to make new friends as a freshman.

Being shy or unused to building fresh friendships can make it feel more difficult to introduce yourself to others. Perhaps they even have their own established groups you’re interested in joining but don’t know how. If this sounds familiar, fear not. Here are a few tips on how to make new friends as a freshman.

1. Join a Club

Don’t really know anyone to introduce yourself to? No problem! There’s probably a club somewhere at school or on campus that would fit your interests. It could be the literary magazine, sports team, or D&D group. Whatever your passion is, joining a club for it is bound to introduce you to people who share the same interests.

If there isn’t a club you feel like joining, perhaps you could try making one. Talking to your advisor, teacher or professor could help you find a group to attend or give you ideas on starting a new one. Founding your own club can help you discover a crowd dedicated to something you all love.

2. Start a Study Group

College and high school classes can be pretty hard. Staying after with an educator is a great way to learn what you’re having problems with, but a few other students might have the same issues as you. If you notice the same people staying after or wonder if anyone’s struggling in silence, try making a study group to help yourself and others.

Starting a study group may be easier in college because you likely have much bigger classes or seminars. In high school, people probably have different teachers for the same course who might be doing other material simultaneously with yours. Either way, it’s worth a try and a great tip on how to make new friends as a freshman.

3. Reach Out to Classmates

While the previous two tips involve joining or starting a group, sometimes, you just want to talk to a couple of people. Though you might be an introvert or a bit socially anxious, the best way to make new friends as a freshman is to reach out. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but alas, people can’t read your mind and know you want to hang out with them.

If you’re worried about how to start a conversation, start small. Introduce yourself and ask a few questions to get the ball rolling. However, remember to check yourself and gauge if you’re making the person you’re talking to uncomfortable. Some people might feel wary of talking to new people or don’t like the subject matter. Don’t fret if this happens — they might just need time, or you should find someone else! If they seem at ease, see if they’re interested in working on homework or grabbing food together.

Making New Friends as a Freshman

Going to college or starting high school is an exciting time, but it can also be really stressful. You might start feeling pretty lonely among all the changes you have to get used to. Learning how to make new friends as a freshman can help make your schooltime experience a much happier one.

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