How to Make Friends in College  

Carolina Jacobs

Dec 7, 2022
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One of the exciting parts about college is making new friends and memories! Although, this can seem a little stressful at first, especially if you’re an introvert. But, making friends just takes putting yourself out there. Here are a few tips for how to make friends in college. 

1. Attend Campus Events

Campus events are a great way to get to know people. They’re a chance to meet someone outside of classes. It’s also easier to find people with similar interests to you. Plus, it gives you a conversation starter by talking about what is happening during the event. 

Many schools host guest speakers where there is a reception after. These are great places to connect with your peers. Check if your college has a social events calendar. 

2. Join Clubs or Organizations 

Clubs are one of the best ways for how to make friends in college since there are so many to choose from. You can join a sport, a social cause or just a recreational activity. The good thing about clubs is you meet multiple times throughout the semester. This is a great way to make long-term friendships. It also allows you to bond over shared interests. 

If you want to get to know club members, even more, consider taking a leadership position. That way, you interact with more people. Just make sure you can balance the commitment with your schoolwork. 

3. Get To Know the People on Your Floor 

You will probably spend most of your time in your dorm when not in classes. This may be especially true as a first-year student still adjusting to college life. Many dorms have social events for their floors, such as movie nights. So, consider attending these gatherings to get to know others. 

Another idea is to be open to spontaneous conversations. For example, suppose someone you know from class has their door open. Consider saying a quick “hi” as you walk by. Also, do homework in the lounge. 

4. Be Friendly Around Campus

When walking around campus, smile and say “hi” to people you meet. You can even start a conversation with someone in line for food. You could ask them what they’re getting, for example. Keep in mind your classes and dorm aren’t the only places to connect with others. 

Here are a few more places to meet people:

  • The gym
  • The Student Center
  • Waiting for class in the hallway 
  • The library
  • The dining hall

5. Get an Internship

Internships are a great way to get work experience and boost your resume. They are also the perfect chance to network. You can practice this skill outside the office, with your peers. Along with the career benefits, it’s an ideal chance to meet new people. Take the opportunity to get to know them and ask to hang out outside of work. 

Plus, you already have things to talk about. For example, ask them how they heard about the position or what they want to get out of it. Once you form a more emotional bond, they might become someone you can vent to. 

6. Interact With People at Work

Often college students get part-time jobs. These can help with student loans or school supplies. It’s also nice to have some extra spending cash to go out with friends. Getting a job on campus is an excellent way to make more friends. 

Since you see your coworkers every day, you can form deeper connections. Learn more about their hobbies or family. Plus, if you work reception, it’s an excellent way to interact with even more people daily. 

7. Plan Activities With Your Acquaintances 

Once you’ve gotten to know people on a superficial level, it’s time to take it to develop the friendship. Plan activities you and your new friend can do one-one. This will give you time to get to know them deeper. Try to pick something you both enjoy doing. Start with something casual like coffee or lunch. 

If the conversation isn’t flowing, there is less pressure to stay. Also, try to pick an activity where you can talk and get to know each other better. So getting a meal might be better than seeing a movie. 

8. Be Authentic and Vulnerable

Being yourself is essential to remember when figuring out how to make friends in college. You want to attract people who appreciate your unique characteristics. When you have someone who values your personality, it leads to satisfying relationships.

Another critical component is to be vulnerable. You want to express how you’re feeling and let people in. This can feel scary but is crucial for creating deeper connections. So, don’t be afraid to open up about what makes you who you are. 

9. Do Your Homework Outside your Dorm 

When you’re studying for a big test or need to read a textbook, you want a quiet space. So, a dorm works best. Although, if you have a light load, consider doing your work in a more social setting. 

For example, you could work in the library, a lounge area or the dining hall. If it’s a nice day, you can also work outside. Being in a commonplace can make it easier to connect with your peers. It’s also an excuse to take a social break every once in a while. 

Tips for How to Make Friends in College

College is a chance for many new opportunities. You develop your career interests and meet new people. So, follow these tips for how to make friends in college. 

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