How To Keep Class Attendance Up: 5 Tips

Ginger Abbot

Feb 12, 2023

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When you get deep into the semester or your time in college, you may feel like you can skip classes now and then. While missing a day or two in each class shouldn’t hurt your standing, you have to be careful with how many classes you miss. Some courses have a rigid attendance policy, and you should always check that policy once you receive the syllabus. Learning how to keep class attendance up is one of the best ways to turn yourself into a better student.

Why Should You Keep Class Attendance Up?

The best students know to keep class attendance up to achieve academic success, whatever that may look like for them. You can measure your academic success in several ways. Most commonly, people look at their GPA and how they’re performing in classes to see if they can call themselves successful for the semester. 

Still, you may want to set a different goal, such as staying ahead of your work or learning to discipline yourself and manage your time and resources wisely. Success looks different to everyone, and maybe your academic success might hinge on your goal to keep class attendance up.

Establishing a routine can help you achieve your goals of academic success. One of the best reasons to create an academic routine is that it’ll help you break any bad habits you’ve picked up throughout your studies. For example, until now, you might have waited until the night before to complete any homework or projects for a class. With a routine, you can ensure that you get all or parts of your work done on the same day you have class. You may even find the material easier if you work on your homework the same day you learn the topic in class. 

GPA is one of the most critical factors for most people when measuring academic success. Unfortunately, you won’t find a baseline for GPA. Different universities may have different qualifications for specific achievements. This occurrence might hinder you in the job market after college, but it can also help you look better the harder you strive for a good GPA. 

Luckily, recruiters don’t consider GPA the main factor when hiring someone out of college. While you should focus on keeping your GPA up, you should also take care of yourself and do what you feel you can handle. A company will appreciate a hard worker more than anything else. Keep your class attendance up so you can be the best student possible.

How to Motivate Yourself to Get to Class

Motivation can be hard to come by, especially when you’re deep into the semester. If you want to keep class attendance up, you need to feel motivated to attend your lectures and be an alert student. Sometimes, this motivation comes from getting a good night’s sleep, but other times, you may need to fix some bad habits to get the inspiration you need to start and end your day right.

1. Lay Out Your Clothes

Some people may find it handy to lay out their clothes the night before. Taking care of something like an outfit before the following day can take some pressure off of students who need or want to dress up for their classes. You might find that it saves you time, even if all you plan to wear is a sweatshirt and jeans.

If you’re particularly interested in fashion, you may think that choosing your outfit is one of the best parts of your day. You must have somewhere to go with your outfit, though — which is precisely why taking pride in your outfit can motivate you to go to class. You can think of what you’re going to wear that very morning, no bedtime preparation necessary. Make sure to wear an outfit you’re proud of to feel more confident in your classes.

2. Stay Current on Your Homework

When you come home from class, the last thing you may want to do is get started on your homework. Think back to high school — you likely had homework due every day. In college, you have a little more freedom to choose when to do your work. 

Completing what you can on the assigned day is a great way to keep up in class. You can ask your professors any relevant questions before your class moves on to another topic.

3. Establish Morning Routines

Routines are an important part of life, and will continue to help you stay on-task. In high school, you likely had a morning routine that ensured you would get to class on time. Bring back that routine in college, even if your courses start at different times, depending on the day. A morning routine will motivate you to get excited about your classes.

The best morning routine invigorates you and prepares you for any morning class even if it’s your least favorite subject. To wake your mind up, exercising and moving your body first thing in the morning can motivate you. If you aren’t excited about movement, try journaling to get thoughts out of your head before you start your day.

4. Give Yourself Rewards

Give yourself small rewards on the way to accomplish your goals and set up a pattern of good behavior. Your brain releases feel-good hormones when you get something you want. This makes a reward an excellent way to get you more motivated to do something.

You don’t want to fall into a pattern where you self-sabotage as a reward for doing something right. If you wake up early, don’t “reward yourself” by going to bed later or pulling an all-nighter. Nurture your ultimate goal and provide yourself with rewards that promote a healthier lifestyle and relationship with your academic career.

If you aim to attend all your classes, reward yourself with a treat, game or movie. Give yourself a bigger reward once you finish the semester strong. Once you figure out the right rewards for you, implementing them will motivate you.

5. Make Plans With a Friend Afterward

One of the easiest ways to ensure you go to class is to make plans with a friend afterward. If your friend is in the same class, you can go straight to a fun activity afterward. Consider making these fun plans with your friends daily to nourish your social life while motivating you to attend class. Eventually, getting up for your classes will feel like second nature.

Keep Class Attendance Up This Semester

If you skip class more often than not, you may have to re-evaluate why you’re in that class. Does it upset you, or is your major not a good fit for you? College is about discovering yourself and building the habits that will carry you into a successful future. 

One of the best ways to learn about yourself as a student and worker is to keep class attendance up. It’s a great way to know the kind of tasks you’ll be doing in the working world. Take it easy and do what feels manageable for you. Taking little steps to ensure you make it to class is the best way to alter your habits for the better.

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