How to Balance Work and School in High School  

Carolina Jacobs

Dec 6, 2022
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Getting a part-time job can help students earn some extra cash. They can use it to go out with friends or buy a new electronic device. However, like school, a job requires its own set of responsibilities. So, here are a few tips for how to balance work and school in high school. 

1. Make a Plan

Planning can save stress in the future. So, before getting a job, know how you’ll balance work and school in high school. Talk with teachers or parents to figure out how to handle both responsibilities. Figure out what kind of job you want and what you want to get out of it. 

Consider what type of position will work well with your schedule and personality. For example, do you have after-school sports practices? If so, it might be easier to take late-night shifts. You also want to consider how you will manage your time. For example, creating to-do lists can help you stay organized. 

2. Have Open Communication

Let your parents know your work schedule. That way, they can help give you ideas on how to manage your time more efficiently. Also, then they can work around your schedule. For example, they could prepare an earlier dinner before heading off to your job. 

Then when you get home, you can focus on homework. They can also offer you emotional support when you’re feeling stressed. In addition to your family, let your teachers know you have a job. They can help you prioritize tasks and tell you about project dates ahead of time. Also, let your employer know you’re a student. That way, you can adjust your hours during test times. 

3. Start by Taking Fewer Shifts

You want to ease into work. Taking on too many hours at first can feel overwhelming. Remember, your grades should be your top priority, especially if you plan to go to college. Working too much can leave you feeling more tired and less productive. You’ll get less sleep with more shifts since you have to play catch up on your schoolwork. Losing sleep makes you less alert and irritable. 

So, ease your way into a full workload. Consider starting with weekend shifts. Also, keep in mind you can add more once you get comfortable balancing everything. 

4. Plan Out Your Schedule Each Week

To help avoid work and school conflicts, plan ahead. Look at your work schedule a week in advance or as soon as it comes out. Then check to see what school projects you have going on that week. Next, determine how you can manage your time wisely. 

Dedicate certain days for work and school to meet all your deadlines. Write these down on a calendar to help you remember. You can even circle important dates, such as tests. 

5. Manage Your Time Efficiently 

Time management is a crucial skill to have. It’s an essential trait when thinking about how to balance work and school in high school. One way to use time wisely is to do school work during slow periods at your job. 

However, check with your manager first. Also, take advantage of study halls or another free period to get school work done. That way, you will have less homework to do after your shift.  

Here are some more time-management tips:

  • Set a time limit for each task
  • Figure out what you spend the most time on
  • Avoid multitasking 
  • Have a clean workspace 
  • Use an online calendar 

6. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Feeling good is essential for how to balance work and school in high school. When don’t take care of yourself, you have less energy. So, you want to eat balanced diets that include plenty of fruits and vegetables. In addition, exercise regularly and get between seven and nine hours of sleep.

Plus, make sure to drink more water and less sugary beverages. It can be hard to maintain this lifestyle with a busy schedule. So, pack nutritious snacks for school and take short walks during study breaks.

7. Choose a Flexible Job 

Since your education is a top priority, you want a job that understands that. You want to find an employer who will assign you shifts around your school schedule. If they are not willing to work with you, consider turning down the job. 

There are plenty of managers who understand your situation. Try to find a job that is used to hiring part-time or seasonal, such as restaurants and grocery stores. For extra cash, you can also work in your neighborhood as a babysitter or dog walker. 

8. Make Changes When Needed 

Check in with yourself often to see how you’re balancing work and school. Be open with your parents and teachers if you’re struggling to keep up. Parents should also check in with the counselors every so often. 

Suppose you start feeling more anxious or falling behind in school. Then consider making changes. Start by asking your boss to cut back on your hours. You can even practice this conversation with your parents first. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to take a break from work.

Tips for How to Balance Work and School in High School

As a student, you already have lots of responsibilities. A job adds another layer. So, it’s essential to manage your time and communicate openly. Follow these tips for how to balance work and school in high school.

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