Sentimental Graduation Gifts for High School Students


Feb 13, 2023

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High school graduates are about to embark on one of the most exciting journeys of their lives. It can be challenging to shop for them no matter your relationship. You want to gift them something that will appeal to them personally and set them up for success regardless of their future endeavors. High school graduates don’t typically set up wish lists or registries. So, it can be hard to distinguish what other people might be gifting them. Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. 

Gifts for Grads

Consider purchasing a unique and sentimental gift for the grad in your life. Creating a personalized gift can ensure your graduate doesn’t get duplicate gifts and get them all teary-eyed. That’s when you know you gave an unforgettable gift. Now, who’s ready for some gift ideas? 

Personalized Cookbook

A personalized cookbook is a perfect gift for graduates since they will likely start living independently. You can fill it with simple recipes they can throw together in a flash and add more complex ones for when they have time. 

Young adults typically don’t have time for planning and cooking meals, so having these recipes for reference will come in handy. It can also help your recent grad prepare and consume healthy meals on the go rather than eating out too much. A personalized cookbook will house so much sentiment for your grad as well. 

Study Tips Binder

If your graduate is going off to college, they might benefit from some study tips from someone they trust. Purchase a cute binder and fill it with study tips that helped you in college. If that was a while ago, try researching some. Include tabs your graduate can use for organizing and a pencil holder filled with pens, pencils, erasers, and highlighters.

Any office supply you can think of would go great with this gift. Put some thought into it and personalize it to your graduate’s likes and needs. Write some motivational quotes in the binder and little notes to remind them of you. A list of inspirational books they might consider checking out at their college library would be an excellent addition to this binder. 

Gift Basket Ideas

Fill a basket full of goodies for your recent graduate! You can create a theme for your basket, such as school supplies. Include items that aren’t usually on school supply lists. Some excellent ideas for a college prep basket are wite-out, a planner, inspirational books, snacks, mini dry erase board and markers.

Some more items you could include are staplers, paper clips, headphones, post-it notes and a laptop sleeve or bag. Similarly, you could create a dorm room theme basket as well. You could include a loofah, soap, shower shoes, and other toiletries or home goods for your college student to utilize in their new home. 

A fresh sheet set would be a fantastic addition to your goody basket. A robe is another excellent gift idea for a beginning college student to use walking from their shower to their dorm. They may not think of this and will be so grateful you did!

If your recent graduate is entering the workforce rather than college, tailor your gift basket to fit their needs. It doesn’t even have to be a basket. You could buy a backpack or laundry hamper to fill with necessities and goodies personalized with stuff they can use for their new job or apartment. Home decor or kitchen supplies are always good gift ideas for people moving into a new space. 

Photo Album or Kit

A photo album is a classic sentimental gift. You cannot go wrong with a photo album as a gift. Depending on your relationship with the graduate, you can personalize this album and leave some blank pages for them to fill in with their college or work adventures. You could also gift a photo storage box for them to take all of their memories with them wherever they go. 

You can find many photo gift options online to create a stunning and memorable keepsake for your graduate. You could create a photo book or gift them a scrapbooking kit to make themselves. Personalized photo blankets make excellent sentimental gifts. 

If you want something smaller, you could gift a photo keychain for their new keys or a reusable water bottle containing all their favorite photos. Additionally, you could create a gift basket with string lights to hang photos from or a polaroid camera to capture their new ventures. 

Graduation Gifts for High School Students

Graduating high school is a major accomplishment that marks a milestone in their lives. Celebrate your graduate with these sentimental gifts to assist them on their newfound journey. 

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