10 Fun Activities for College Students

Carolina Jacobs

Jun 22, 2022
10 Fun Activities for College Students

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College can feel like a whirlwind of attending lectures, studying in the library and trying to sleep whenever you find the time. Although it’s essential to focus on your studies, you should also find ways to have fun. It will relieve your stress, create fond memories and help you grow as a person, so check out these fun activities for college students that anyone will find entertaining.

What Do College Students Do for Fun?

You’ve likely heard people talk about what they did for fun in college. They may have laughed about crazy nights spent out on the town or drinking at a friend’s house, but what if that’s not your definition of fun? Those are especially out of the question if you’re a first or second-year student, so you’ll have to look for things to do besides attending parties.

Consider your campus location to figure out what students and locals love to do. Mountain-based universities will have nearby activities like white water rafting and hiking, while beachside colleges could have volleyball competitions by the waves. It depends on where you go to school, what’s around town and the size of your college’s city.

Do College Students Have Free Time?

Rising first-year college students always hear about how they’re going to spend all-nighters in the library and worry about crushing deadlines, but that isn’t always true. Practice your time management skills and try new study methods to figure out what works for you. You’ll quickly learn how much time you need to study for each subject and what your new routine looks like. Scheduling things to do during your afternoons, evenings and weekends will be much easier after that.

Fun Activities for College Students

Now that you know how to carve out free time in your new college schedule, consider these fun activities when you’re looking for something to do.

1. Attend a Welcome Event

Every university and college hosts a welcome week at the start of every school year. Don’t miss out on whatever they have scheduled. Your school might plan a free magic show or fireworks. There could be food trucks that stop by, concerts or trivia challenges. You’ll meet other new or returning students without paying a dime and have fun during the transitionary period at the start of college.

2. Grab a Coloring Book

Graduating high school is the start of your adulthood, so buying a coloring book is likely the last thing on your mind. Still, it can be a great tool to deal with college nerves. When you don’t want to be social, coloring will reduce your anxiety by practicing mindfulness. Listen to soothing music or color on a campus bench to relieve your study stress and have more fun during college.

There might even be a coloring club on campus or an event hosted by the psychology department. Check out your school’s website or social media profiles to see if there are any announcements about upcoming coloring sessions. It’s lowkey and doesn’t require tons of chatting with strangers, so it’s perfect for people with social anxiety.

3. Host a Game Night

After decorating your dorm room and experimenting with a few of those mug cake recipes you’ve been waiting to try, ask your roommates to join you for game night. You could play the latest video game or break out a Monopoly board. Either way, you’ll have an instant icebreaker and a relaxing way to kick back after a long day of studying.

4. Rollerblade Around Campus

Studying hard and getting the best grades possible is crucial for earning a degree to make a higher income after graduation, but you also need to let loose sometimes. Invest in a pair of rollerblades and zip around campus with your roommate or closest friends. It’s another way to shake off your worries and get a bit of exercise too.

5. See a Movie

There’s always a new movie to see. Check your college’s website to see if they host any of the latest films at your campus theater. You could get discounted tickets to the latest movies or watch an old favorite when the filmmaking department puts on a free film with an outdoor projector.

6. Bake Desserts With Friends

Baking is a great activity for bonding with new friends. Everyone can choose a part of the recipe to help with after the baking ends. Decorate a gingerbread house before winter break or a birthday cake for one of your roommates. All the supplies you need could be at your campus convenience store or at a local grocery store.

7. Paint Pottery Together

Most college towns will have a paint-your-own-pottery store close by. It’s an easy activity for pairs of friends or large groups who want to get off of campus for a bit. You can pick whatever priced pottery you’d like and spend an hour or two painting with your roommates or possible friends. Some stores might even offer drinks and snacks, depending on your age and the type of venue.

8. Sign Up to Volunteer

While you can include your hobbies on your resume to demonstrate things like your leadership or time management skills, volunteering can make future job applications even more competitive. Since your college experience is all about building a platform to launch your career, it’s something to consider.

Look for opportunities at soup kitchens, community parks and animal shelters. You could volunteer by yourself or invite a friend. Either way, you’ll feel more at home in your new town and gain skills to build your resume. Many students also find that volunteering creates employment opportunities, which you might begin to look for after growing comfortable with your study schedule.

9. Start a Club

There are so many clubs and organizations available to college students. You’ll find a comprehensive list on your school’s website for its student activity office. If you don’t find one for your favorite hobby, think about starting one.

You don’t need to have a specific number of years or classes under your belt to launch a new club. Talk with the student activity office to find out what papers you need to sign and if there are any fees. With a bit of social media promotion and a few fliers posted around campus, you’ll connect with people who share your interests. The rest of the semester will be tons of fun whenever everyone can get together.

10. Attend a Fitness Class

Getting more exercise solves so many problems during college. You’ll relieve your stress during exam periods and weeks filled with tests. You’ll get stronger and feel more confident in yourself. Depending on which fitness classes you try together, you may also have fun with friends.

Check out your campus gym’s schedule to see what’s going on in the next few weeks. You and your friends could try yoga together or attend a cycling class. Location-specific fitness classes could also involve surfing or kayaking down a river. It’s an easy way to break up your routine with breathless fun.

Enjoy Fun Activities in College

There are so many fun activities for college students to experience in their free time. Play around with your study schedule and practice time management skills to find more time for activities like clubs, fitness classes and baking. You’ll find things you love to do and make the most of every day.

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