10 Easy Mug Recipes to Make Dorm Life Delicious

Ginger Abbot

Jan 10, 2020

When you’re away at college, it’s natural to experience cravings for a home-cooked meal. But if you live in a dorm, chances are, you don’t have access to an oven. You probably don’t even have a cooktop. What can you whip up with only a microwave and a mug?

Quite a lot! The next time you have a craving for “real” food rather than ramen, try one of these easy mug recipes. You’ll be the envy of your floor when the smell of your cooking wafts through the halls. 

1. Chicken Pot Pie
in a Mug

anything scream comfort food like chicken pot pie? If it’s a damp and rainy
day, warm yourself up with this super simple microwave mug recipe. You only
need six affordable ingredients to whip up this dish in a flash. If you’ve
treated yourself to a rotisserie chicken, this meal offers the perfect way to
use up the leftover bits of dark meat clinging to the bones. Hey, when you’re
on a college student’s budget, it’s waste not, want not! 

2. Macaroni and

you want a hot cup of comfort — literally? Nearly everyone adores mac and
cheese! You don’t need many ingredients for this easy dorm room cooking recipe.
Plus, if you follow a strict vegan meal plan, you can substitute cashew cheese
for the cheddar. If you want a heartier meal with more protein, opt for
chickpea or lentil pasta instead of the white flour variety. 

3. Vegan Tofu

because you choose a cruelty-free lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you need to give
up pure deliciousness. This hearty tofu scramble combines the goodness of soy
and nutritional yeast for a protein punch no animals die to provide. Plus,
nutritional yeast contains vitamin B-12, a nutrient many vegans develop
deficiencies in because it occurs primarily in animal products. 

4. Gluten-Free Egg
Fried Rice

you feeling like Chinese food, but you lack the money for takeout? Not a
problem! This dorm room cooking recipe is terrific if you have celiac disease
or any condition that makes you sensitive to gluten. Gluten is a protein found
in wheat, and it can cause severe gastrointestinal distress in some people.
Your room will smell like you’ve died and been reborn in Chinatown. 

5. Scrambled Eggs in
a Mug

for breakfast? Who says you don’t have time to fuel your hectic morning with
filling protein? The best part is that you only need three ingredients to whip
up this mug-based deliciousness. You’ll be the envy of everyone trying to stay
awake through a three-hour physics lecture on coffee alone. 

6. Coffee Mug

you craving some south-of-the-border spice in your life? If you have some
leftover tortilla chips on the verge of going stale, resurrect them with this
delicious dorm room recipe. You can choose to make the sauce as fiery or as
mild as you like. If you can locate one, try adding a Manzano pepper to the
mix. This variety grows only at particular altitudes, but it has a sweet and
spicy flavor that’s milder than a habanero. 

7. Veggie and Cheese
Breakfast in a Mug

know that you benefit from eating more vegetables, but making a salad every day
in the cafeteria gets boring. Add some spinach and tomato to your morning meal
with this recipe. You’ll also get beta carotene from the red pepper, and if you
enjoy the flavor, you can toss in some purple onion for additional

8. Sponge Mug Cake 

doesn’t love dessert? It’s even sweeter when you can throw it together in less
than five minutes in the microwave. This fluffy cake tastes scrumptious enough
alone, but you can top it with berries or bananas to get more fruit in your
diet, too. 

9. Single-Serving
Apple Crisp

you feeling homesick for your mama or grandma’s baking? You might not be able
to replicate her Dutch apple pie, but you can create a reasonable facsimile
with this dorm room recipe. Since it’s a single-serve portion, you don’t have
to share the deliciousness with anyone else if you don’t want. However, if
you’re feeling generous, you can double the recipe and treat your roommate,

10. Brownie in a Mug 

chocolate and nothing but chocolate will hit the spot. If you’ve got a desire,
go ahead and indulge it with this recipe. Chocolate not only tastes fantastic,
but it also contains antioxidants that fight disease-causing free radicals in
your body. You’re not caving to cravings — you’re benefiting your health! 

Enjoy Your Easily, Delicious Dorm Room Dinner

Even though you lack a kitchen, you don’t have to resign yourself to takeout and pizza slices. Whip up any of these delicious microwave mug recipes from the comfort of your dorm room — and enjoy.

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