Educational Video Games for the Nintendo Switch

Carolina Jacobs

Feb 11, 2023

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Nothing speaks to children quite like video games. Their bright colors, intriguing art, and engaging stories immerse kids in their gameplay. The Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles, as kids and adults of all ages can have fun with it. Nintendo has sold nearly 110 million Nintendo Switches worldwide, solidifying it as one of the most popular consoles available today. 

This unique console can do what you may not be able to: encourage a love of learning in your child. By showing educational video games to your kids, you can encourage them to partake in their favorite hobby while building skills they can carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

1. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain ($30)

You can buy this game as a direct download or a physical copy, making it perfect for families wanting to grow their physical game collection. This addition to the Big Brain Academy series encourages players to work through several puzzles, including numbers and identification quizzes, to achieve the highest score possible. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain tracks your improvement every time by enticing you to beat your highest score.

A player can complete the game in about three hours, but the replay possibilities remain endless, as your child can play against others in their household or online as much as they want. The game offers difficulties tailored to each player, so you and your child would compete with one another within your own difficulty rather than on the same level. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain may become your new go-to game for family nights.

2. House Builder ($15)

This digital-only deal is even more fun than it sounds. If you have a construction or architecture enthusiast in your home, they’ll enjoy how this game teaches them about real-world architecture and the rules people use to create buildings. This game will teach your children about the materials and tools that go into building a house, so it would be an excellent learning tool for a family who plans to move to a new construction home in the future. You can also demolish what you create in a destructive way, which many kids will love.

3. Sudocats ($3)

This digital-only game has a dual purpose: to teach children how to use their brains by playing sudoku and learning about cats. It’s an excellent choice for children who may not understand numbers or number games without visual aids. The best educational video games have more than one purpose, and this one will not disappoint you in its execution. Since many families adopt pets as their children age, it’s also an excellent introduction to how a cat may change your household’s dynamic.

Cats display lower stress when adopted into families that have a child with autism, which makes them the perfect pet for all sorts of households. You can even use this game as an incentive for your child. If they finish the Sudocats game, they’ll feel ready to adopt a cat and provide it with a worthwhile home.

4. Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia ($13)

This game might be the best way to introduce your child to the natural world. If you want to encourage your little explorer to learn more about nature safely, offer them this unique game with an engaging art style. Your child will learn more about animals and plants they may encounter in their daily life while adventuring alongside a little brown mouse.

Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia also comes in 18 languages, making it accessible to nearly all households. You can also encourage your child to play the game in another language once they’ve completed it, which can help them build their vocabulary in a secondary language. The rich illustrations should allow your child to pick up new words quickly.

5. Please, Touch the Artwork ($8)

This award-winning game is perfect for any kid interested in the arts. The calming puzzles make this digital download one of the best educational video games. It is excellent for children who are fascinated by colors and want to learn more about abstract art. If they enjoy learning more about how art makes others feel, your child might consider growing into an art therapy major, where their work will benefit people with mental health issues. Please, Touch the Artwork is a fascinating game that will only foster their love for artwork and puzzles.

6. Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It’s Dark Outside ($15)

Pajama Sam has been around since the 1990s, so chances are, you’ve seen this cute cartoon character around before. You might have even played his games when you were a child, which means you know how helpful he is in teaching children about the world around them. 

In this game, the same as the series debut in 1996, your child will learn through an adventure with Pajama Sam that the darkness isn’t so scary. This game can empower your child and teach them that they have nothing to fear when the lights are out. It can also improve your child’s critical thinking and memory skills, making it an excellent investment for any family.

7. Game Builder Garage ($30)

This game teaches your child the basics of game design and coding through step-by-step visual lessons that almost all ages can understand. Your kid will eagerly await checkpoints that test the knowledge they’ve learned so far. By the end of the game, your child will make several smaller games, including a racing game and a tag showdown. They can also take advantage of the Free Programming mode, which allows them to design any game they want.

Gaming doesn’t have to stop at just a hobby for many kids. Several universities offer programs that allow students to explore the game-building process and how those skills can translate to the professional world as more than just a hobby. Kids who love video games might be interested in becoming part of the industry someday, and this game could be a great introduction to what awaits them. 

Educational Video Games Every Kid Will Enjoy

Education looks different for everyone. Pay attention to what holds your child’s interest and where they struggle. Then, tailor the games you choose for them to their strengths and weaknesses. With your support, your child will love to play these educational video games for their Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Store has no shortage of educational games, so you can always be on the lookout for something new you think your kid will enjoy. They may even have so much fun that they might forget they’re learning.

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