Different Types of Careers in Art

Ginger Abbot

Feb 28, 2023

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If art is your passion, there are many different types of careers that you can choose from. The genre of Art is vast and covers a wide variety of occupations. Many are skeptical of selecting a degree in the Art field of study since many jobs within the industry are known for not making a lot of money. There are, however, exceptions to this perspective that can be financially rewarding. Let’s look at some of those exceptions in different types of careers in Art. 

Professional Artist

Professional artists must have a talent for art that they plan to showcase. This type of career in Art takes passion and dedication, as this is a highly competitive field. If you have the drive to create your art, advertise and market it to get your work and name known, this could be an avenue worth exploring. Working as a studio assistant could be a good learning experience for this career choice. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers typically work under a supervisor like an art or marketing director. These designers produce layouts for things such as brochures and advertisements for websites, billboards and more. Graphic designers are well-versed in technology applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator for creative productions. Graphic designers use colors, fonts and photos for advertisements that pop and get people’s attention. They must have a creative eye and knack for visual aesthetics. 


The Animation field usually requires at least a bachelor’s degree and a creative portfolio. Animation degrees have various areas of focus you can major or minor in. You can choose from a few areas of focus: Mobile Game Development, Visual Effects, Advertising and Character Animation. Animation is a competitive industry that requires motivation and self-drive. Animators’ work varies from art and design to animating for entertainment purposes. Students entering the field of animation should be proficient in 2D and 3D computer applications, applied mathematics, communication and teamwork. 

Video Game Designer

Designing video games is the ultimate dream for many artists that have a love for video games. Alternate universes are captivating and can transport you into a new reality, much like other art forms if you let them. Video game design is also a competitive field in the job market, so education is vital to success in this area of focus. Game designers create storylines, mechanics and game concepts. Game developers animate the games and focus on engine programming. Designers and developers work together to make video games.

From conceptualization to programming to seeing their imaginations materialize on a screen, designers and developers go hand in hand. Understanding one another is essential to performing optimally in the field of design. Video game designers can achieve this career by majoring in areas of interest that don’t directly apply, like Computer Science and Mathematics. Education about operating systems and algorithms can give you a leg up in this industry. 

Art Careers

Artistic occupations can be rewarding in many ways. This career choice can cater to your creativity and self-fulfillment in life. When you intertwine your work with your passion, you are less likely to become burnt out or feel overworked. Artists can be challenged in many ways, as all jobs have negative aspects, but it can make a significant difference when you love what you do. 

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