Top 12 Best Gifts for Teachers

Ginger Abbot

Feb 24, 2022

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Teachers are important in educating the next generation. So, you want to show your professors the appreciation they deserve. Coming up with gift ideas can be tricky. To get you started, here are some of the best gifts for teachers. 

1. Handwritten Note and Gift Card

Personalized cards are meaningful and show your teacher how much you value them. Also, it can reduce the risk of getting them something they don’t need. Consider adding an inside joke or something you learned to make the note more special. 

Adding a gift card is the perfect touch. This can allow teachers to buy what they need. Amazon or Target gift cards are good options. Teachers can use them to stock up on school supplies. Also, gift cards to movie theaters or restaurants allow them a night out with their friends. 

You could even give them a gift card to home depot since more people are spending time at home. Also, gift cards to an office supply store can help them buy essentials for their home workspace.  

2.  Hand Sanitizer

This is the best gift for teachers who are exposed to germs all day long. It also can be used to protect other students. Some are even made from natural ingredients and are scented. For example, certain organic products contain alcohol derived from non-GMO sugar cane. Hand sanitizers are perfect gifts for professors who teach back-to-back classes.

3.  Personalized Pencils 

Since students often ask teachers to borrow pencils, this is one of the best gifts for teachers. Plus, often, number two pencils are needed to fill out scantrons for tests. Adding a personalization, such as the school’s name or class year, can make it even more special. Also, it is both a meaningful and cost-effective purchase. 

4.  Laminator 

These are helpful for professors to preserve important documents. Also, having one of their own means they don’t have to rely on the schools. Along with convenience, laminators are eco-friendly gifts. Instead of printing multiple papers, teachers can just laminate them. Then students can write on them using dry-erase markers.  

5.  Dry Erase Markers 

This is one of the best gifts for teachers because they need markers to write on the board. However, these can become dried out and then costly to replace. So, having an extra supply is useful. You can even look for packs with vibrant colors, such as red. Also, look for ones with a chisel tip for a  better writing flow. 

6.  Classroom Board Games

With all the stress of tests, board games can help students learn in a fun way. Games like Scrabble and Boggle can help them learn new vocabulary. Plus, then professors can take the games home to play with their families. 

Here are some other games for college classrooms:

  • Twilight Struggle
  • Catan
  • Forbidden Island 
  • Monopoly
  • Jenga 

7.  Coffee Mug

Many teachers rely on coffee to get through the day, making it an excellent gift idea. When looking for a decorated mug, try to find one that matches your teacher’s interests. Also, if you can find one that is temperature-sensitive, that’s a bonus. They may even change color if the liquid gets too hot. These can also come in different styles, such as space-themed. 

8.  Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

These are the best gifts for teachers looking to stay hydrated. The water bottles are perfect for professors who teach longer classes. Some are also insulated to help keep your water cool throughout the day. For coffee lovers, they can keep their coffee nice and warm. 

Besides convenience, these water bottles are eco-friendly. You can reuse them, limiting the amount of plastic being dumped in landfills. 

9.  Blue-Light Blocking Glasses 

With people spending more time online, these are an excellent gift idea. They are an ideal gift for teachers who have online courses and are on their laptops for hours. Blue light glasses are designed to block the light from digital screens. They can help to protect your eyes from glare and reduce eye strain. They may even help you sleep better. 

10. Graphic Tablet 

With the advancement of technology, teaching styles are changing. Using technology in the classroom is becoming more common. This tablet can replace traditional whiteboards and be beneficial during virtual classes. It is also a more interactive way to write out complex information or draw diagrams. 

11.  Monthly Planner 

Teachers often have a lot of important dates to remember. So, a planner is a perfect gift to help them stay organized. Some even come with certain features, like goal-planning or making lists. Consider finding one in a fun pattern or their favorite color. 

12.  Bath Salts 

Taking a nice bath at the end of a long day can be relaxing. Teachers spend hours planning lessons and meeting with students outside of the classroom. So, this is the perfect self-care gift for your professor. It also can show how much value them and their well-being. 

The Best Gifts for Teachers 

Your professors work hard to ensure you get a proper education. Some of them you may even create a relationship with outside of the classroom. So, to show your appreciation, pick up one of these best gifts for teachers next time you’re shopping. 

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