5 Best Career Magazines for Future Professionals

Carolina Jacobs

Feb 20, 2023

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Reading is an essential part of career development. By reading career magazines, for example, you can learn tons of information about your desired career path. You can discover what employers in your industry are looking for in candidates, what niche sector is right for you, and what critical steps you can take to launch your career.

Many people read fiction or nonfiction books for pleasure. Still, career magazines are a great option if you want to kickstart your professional life. Here are some of the best career magazines to read if you want to learn more about trends in the job market and career advice.

1. Harvard Business Review (HBR)

Harvard Business Review, commonly known as HBR, is a general management magazine published by Harvard Business Publishing. This company is a subsidiary of Harvard University, one of the best universities in the world. 

The magazine releases six issues annually, each chock-full of new ideas, classic advice and updates on the business world. According to the official HBR website, the magazine covers innovation, leadership and management strategies for global companies and their leaders. It also provides advice for continuing education and career development strategies to help readers improve their marketability.

2. Fast Company

Fast Company is a leading global business brand that releases a magazine covering technology, innovation, creativity, design and leadership topics. Its website states that the magazine is written for and about leaders in the global business landscape.

Here are some of the goals of Fast Company and its magazine:

  • Discard the old rules of business
  • Cover how changing companies create and compete
  • Highlight new business practices
  • Showcase teams and individuals reinventing business

Back in 1995, Fast Company launched and was first introduced by two former HBR editors, Alan Webber and Bill Taylor. 

3. Entrepreneur

Every company should consider having employees subscribe to entrepreneurs, from small businesses to large corporations. Some of its most recent stories include titles like:

The business-oriented magazine helps you keep track of emerging trends, learn about industry leaders and discover career success strategies.

4. Forbes

Published eight times a year, Forbes magazine covers various topics such as business, entrepreneurship, finance, industry, technology, investing and leadership. The magazine is very well-known for its ranks and listings, some of which include:

  • The World’s Billionaires
  • The World’s Highest Paid Celebrities
  • Forbes Global 2000
  • The Forbes 400

Another popular list is Forbes 30 Under 30, which ranks people under 30 making a name for themselves, whether they’re celebrities, leaders or entrepreneurs. 

5. Inc.

Inc. magazine’s website states they are “advocates for small business and entrepreneurial success.” Its content is directed at business owners and managers of privately owned companies to deliver real, effective solutions to today’s challenges. 

In 2010, Inc. magazine had around 2,000,000 subscribers but has grown to reach over 25,000,000 today. You can sign up to receive free newsletters from Inc. or subscribe for a print and digital subscription for $24.99 annually.

Consider Reading Career Magazines

Spending time reading will not guarantee a successful career. Still, it could give you new ideas, spark your creativity or help you kickstart your professional development. 

The five publications listed above — HBR, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Inc. — are great career magazines you should consider subscribing to, whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a recent college graduate.

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