8 Back-to-School Tips for Parents

Ginger Abbot

Feb 20, 2023
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It can be exciting when your kids go back to school, but you might also be feeling overwhelmed. If you need a little guidance, here are some back-to-school tips for parents that will help you get organized, calm your nerves, and make things easier for both you and your children. 

1. Buy Supplies

You’ve likely already bought school supplies, but your children will probably come home from class with an updated list of things they need. To make things easier on yourself, you can buy these supplies online, and let your kids help you pick out their favorite items. 

Don’t feel obligated to make another trip to the store or buy the newest, most expensive supplies. Odds are, you can also repurpose some of last year’s stationery for this back-to-school season. 

2. Fill Out Paperwork

It’s not the most exciting part of going back to school, but there’s always a bit of paperwork involved in starting a new school year. Make sure to fill out any necessary forms, such as vaccine records, transportation info, and phone numbers, as soon as you can. 

3. Figure Out Pick-Up and Drop-Off Details

Will your kids be riding the bus to school, or do you need to drive them? What time does class start and end? Is there a certain spot you need to go to in order to pick your kids up at the end of the day? Find out the answers to these questions before the first day of school. Or, maybe you’re homeschooling your kids, and transportation is as simple as getting them from the bedroom to the kitchen. 

4. Get Organized

With school season underway, it’s a good idea to donate clothes that no longer fit, throw away last year’s homework assignments and clear out a spot where you can keep school supplies. A cabinet or drawer could double as a storage space. Keep pens, pencils, and paper in this spot so your kids can access them as needed. 

5. Create a Routine

This goes for both you and the kids. Establish a consistent schedule for things like bedtime, morning alarms and coming to the table to eat breakfast. This will help things run more smoothly in the mornings. Try to stick to the routine even on weekends. Before long, it will be a habit. 

6. Talk With Your Kids

Find out if they’re excited or nervous about going back to school. It can be a bit of an adjustment period for them. Children sometimes worry about things like getting lost, making friends, or learning new subjects. Reassure them that they’ll do just fine, and that they can come to you if they have any concerns. 

It can be helpful to take them to meet their teacher. That way, they’ll already know a familiar face on their first day of school. 

7. Keep Up With Your Children’s Schedule

Another back-to-school tip for parents is to use a calendar or planner. Write down important dates such as the day of a bake sale, big test, field day, or football game. Since you likely also have your own schedule for work or other events, it might be helpful to put all of your to-do items in one place. That way, nothing gets forgotten. 

8. Make Time for Yourself

Between all the packed lunches, dance recitals, and parent-teacher conferences, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself. Set aside a few hours just to relax. Get your nails done, go out to eat with a friend, take a walk without the kids, or watch your favorite movie. 

Stepping away from your parenting duties for a little while actually makes you a better parent, because you’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to help with another homework assignment. 

You’ve Got This!

Hopefully these back-to-school tips for parents helped ease your mind. Though the beginning of a new school year can be chaotic, that’s all part of the fun. 

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