9 of the Best Study Apps as Finals Approach

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Nov 13, 2020
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Final exams will arrive before you know it — have you started preparing yet? If you are a student, getting started now will help ensure your chances of earning the grade you want. 

However, today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world demands modern solutions. While some may still head to the library with a pile of textbooks and highlighters, many squeeze in study time on the bus between work shifts. The right tools make education on the fly less cumbersome — here are nine of the best study apps as final exams approach. 

1. Brainscape 

Sometimes, there’s no substitute for repetition when it comes to memorizing vital facts. Even if you work with a qualified tutor, they might not cover the topics that you need to repeat frequently enough. 

Enter the Brainscape study app. You can create flashcards or choose from thousands of topics, from law to physics. After reviewing each term, you can rate how challenging you found the concept. Brainscape then repeats concepts within a personalized interval until your self-confidence with each idea improves. 

2. Tiny Scanner Plus

Do your teachers or professors load you down with tons of handouts? It can get cumbersome keeping them all organized, and neither dorm rooms nor shared bedrooms leave much room for bulky binder collections. 

Imagine having those documents available at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. With Tiny Scanner Plus, you can check your syllabi for upcoming due dates while you wait in line for coffee. Plus, the app includes a nifty tool that lets you color-code your highlights like an old-school textbook. 

3. StudyBlue

StudyBlue lets you create and use flashcards in every subject imaginable. This study app also gives you the freedom to customize your study materials with images and audio, making it useful for various learning styles. 

StudyBlue also lets you quiz yourself —  a handy feature as finals approach. This study app works seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms. You can even search flashcard sets by your school to see if anyone else enrolled in Particle Physics 101 has materials to help you learn. 

4. Go Conqr

Teachers and students alike love GoConqr. This social learning network empowers educators to keep users connected across a relevant network and increase student engagement. 

This study app features mind maps that let you brainstorm and outline any topic. You can compile and manage your notes all in one place. Plus, you can create groups to share materials and start discussions. The app works with Chrome, a browser used by scores of students. 

5. Memrise

Are you intrigued by language learning apps but hesitant of the hefty price tag? Look no further — Memrise offers a free way to enhance your French-speaking ability in time for your final. 

Memrise features over 300,000 different language courses in 25 tongues. The app boasts over 20 million signed-in users. While this study app is free even without annoying ads, if you love it, you can upgrade to a paid version that helps you grow listening skills and reveals learning statistics. 

6. Cold Turkey 

Cold Turkey bills itself as the most formidable website blocker available. Even if you lock your phone in a drawer, hello? It’s not like you can’t open Facebook in your browser — unless you use this study app. 

With Cold Turkey, you can block distracting websites completely or set time limits on your use. If you are a fan of the Pomodoro method, this app lets you set break sprints where you can scroll until time’s up. Unlike many other apps, you get phenomenal support. You can contact the developer through a form on their website, and they will return your message promptly. 

7. Google Suite

Google is everywhere — but that doesn’t mean they don’t create incredibly useful products. Anyone who had ever watched a 10-page paper disappear when their computer crashed knows that their Docs product alone saves untold frustration. 

Google Suite allows students to collaborate on projects — users can let others view, comment on, or edit documents and spreadsheets. They also offer products such as Voice, which gives individuals a free virtual phone number. This feature comes in handy during remote learning when participants don’t want to provide their cell digits to strangers. 

8. SoundNote 

You know that you need to take notes to remember the material learned in class. However, frantically scribbling throughout a long lecture can leave your hand aching — and you might miss an essential point while shaking out the pain. 

SoundNote synchronizes recorded audio with notes you take while taping. It’s ideal for readily distracted folks and those who take longer than others to write. You can also add drawings to your notes to make connections between information. 

9. Exam Countdown 

Do you know how many days, hours, and minutes you have before your first final exam? If you use the Exam Countdown study app, you will. 

This study app allows you to save all your critical due dates in one location. You can create unlimited exam countdowns to keep you on track. You get detailed notifications as crunch time approaches. At less than a dollar per year, you can’t afford to go without this tool. 

Get Ready for Finals with These 9 Best Study Apps 

With finals right around the corner, you owe it to yourself to prepare any way you can. The nine study apps above will help you make the grade. 

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