9 Jobs You Can Get With a Fine Arts Degree

Ginger Abbot

Nov 19, 2021
9 Jobs You Can Get With a Fine Arts Degree

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If you’re trying to choose a college major, one consideration to keep in mind is what career paths your degree will open for you. In a capitalist economy, it isn’t enough to have just any job. You need one that will pay your bills, not force you to live in your car. 

Therefore, you might shy away from a degree in the arts out of fear that you’ll end up struggling. However, no piece of paper can guarantee you your dream job — you should still follow your passions. Here are nine jobs you can get with a fine arts degree that can keep a comfortable roof over your head while filling you with a sense of purpose. 

1. Illustrator

Did you ever wonder who designs those funky posters in your physician’s treatment rooms? You know, the graphs of various body parts? They often represent the work of medical illustrators, specialized professionals who illustrate anything from textbooks to informational packets. 

You have multiple other options if diagramming the liver isn’t your cup of tea. You could also illustrate children’s books. Another possible career path lies in working with greeting card companies or other similar publications. If you enjoy the fast-paced world of journalism, becoming an editorial illustrator might be your best bet. 

2. Fashion Designer 

Do you never leave the house without looking like you’re ready for a Paris runway? If so, the exciting world of fashion design might be the perfect career path for you and your fine arts degree. 

To stand out in this field, you’ll need a combination of luck and moxie. However, you don’t have to become the next Coco Chanel to earn a living. You might design custom costumes for a movie company or direct workers in cutting patterns for a new line. 

3. Photographer 

Do your smartphone photos leave your social media network dropping like reactions on your posts like crazy? If so, why not turn your passion and your fine arts degree into a lucrative career? 

You can open an independent portrait studio without much overhead or find work with an established company. If you love the human touch, photographing weddings and baby showers might be your ideal career path. Those who crave a bit more adrenaline can become photojournalists for magazines and newspapers, covering exciting events all over the globe. 

4. Interior Designer 

Is your home your castle? Does your dorm room look like something out of “House Beautiful” or a similar publication? 

If so, consider going into interior design with your fine arts degree. You’ll spend your days helping people personalize their homes and fit their aesthetics. 

5. Musician 

Who said that you had to go into visual art with your degree? If you can play a mean guitar or bang on the drums all day, becoming a musician might be your ideal life path. 

While you can’t teach in a public school without a certificate, many private institutions hire unlicensed instructors, allowing you a daytime schedule if that works better with your biorhythms. If you do want to go public, a fine arts degree will help fast track your certification process. 

Of course, if you love the nightlife, you can look for gigs at various venues. You could also perform for events like weddings and bar mitzvahs. 

6. Architect 

Did you think you needed construction experience to become an architect? While it helps, your fine arts degree can also open this lucrative career door. 

Generally, you’ll complete your undergraduate work before applying for an internship and becoming licensed. As you advance in your professional career, you can add certifications or even seek a master’s degree in your field. 

7. Digital Artist 

Do you and computers get along like franks and beans? Why not put your coding skills to work as a digital artist? 

Digital artists do everything from managing special effects in movie production to creating video game graphics. You might also find your niche designing logos and websites for small businesses. 

8. Makeup Artist 

If you love to look your gorgeous best, perhaps becoming a makeup artist is your yen. You might not have to go to Hollywood to make this career sizzle. 

For example, you could find work in a medical spa, making clients look lovely again after their treatments. If you’re a bit introverted, you could seek employment at a funeral home, preparing the deceased to look their best for their family members one last time.  

9. Art Therapist 

While your fine arts degree can open this career path, you might need additional education depending on how you wish to advance in your field. However, you have options with your bachelor’s. Many social service organizations hire therapeutic support staff with degrees in any field and a genuine desire to help others. 

If you find you love the counseling groove, you could go back to graduate school for a master’s in social work or pursue a Ph.D. in psychology. If that prospect sounds too expensive, look overseas. Other countries value education differently, and some offer free Ph.D. programs to students regardless of their nationality. 

Score One of These 9 Exciting Jobs With a Fine Arts Degree 

Please don’t pass on following your passion out of fear that you can’t find lucrative work. Score one of the nine exciting jobs above with your fine arts degree. 

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