8 Virtual Internships for High School Students

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Dec 24, 2020
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High school is a time to have fun, but you also have to start building your resume. Even though you might have a part-time job you enjoy, it’s time to start thinking about getting an internship. Whether it’s a paid position or not, you’ll gain experience tailored to your career of choice, which makes getting your first full-time job easier.

Check out these 10 virtual internships for high school students. You won’t have to compete with college students to see if your future career is the right one for you.

1. Virtual NGO & Social Support Internship

Do you dream about helping people in another country? Sign up for the virtual NGO and Social Support internship to get started without moving abroad. You’ll support non-government organizations (NGOs) that assist at-risk youth, HIV patients, and other minority groups.

While working from home, you’ll accomplish administrative tasks, plan activities for workshops, and learn about case management. If you want to become a social worker or a psychologist, check out this opportunity and the free application. It’s a popular way to open the door to a career in the humanities.

2. AmeriCorps Summer Teaching Fellowship

If your heart beats for classroom decor and lessons on a whiteboard, you might like the AmeriCorps Summer Teaching Fellowship. It’s two weeks of virtual work where you can plan and co-lead classes, all from the comfort of your home. In exchange for your time and hard work, you’ll get a $2,800 scholarship for your future college career. 

3. Creative Design & Marketing Online Internship

Save sea turtles and gain marketing experience with the Creative Design and Marketing online internship with an NGO. After applying for this role, experts will match you to a marine conservation effort in Greece. You’ll join their graphic design and marketing teams to learn about content creation and social media campaigns.

Applying is free and sets up a launchpad for a possible future in social media or public relations.

4. Kung Fu Tea HR Internship

Many people find a lifetime of fulfilling roles in Human Resources (HR). Working virtually for Kung Fu Tea is a great way to test the waters. For an hourly wage, you’ll process paperwork, schedule appointments, and complete various administrative tasks for the department.

This internship is a wealth of opportunity for a few reasons. First, you’ll have to write a letter of interest in your application. It’s good practice for when you write your college application essays because they’re both chances to pitch yourself. You can also use your HR experience for part-time jobs during college or a place to land after graduation if you’re still unsure what you want to do.

5. EnergyMag Virtual Internship

EnergyMag is a non-profit organization run by millennials who want to make a brighter, greener future through renewable energy. After applying for this internship, their staff will consider you for analytical positions that build several skills. You’ll finish this short internship with comprehensive knowledge about researching scientific topics, synthesizing information, and professionally communicating through writing. All while doing your part to save the world.

6. SMOC Various Internships

The South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) is a Massachusetts-based organization that advocates for disadvantaged and low-income individuals’ rights. They have multiple internship opportunities for high school students, ranging from administration and finance to homelessness services.

Their virtual positions are unpaid but can count towards college credit with some universities. Deciding whether or not to intern for a paycheck is a personal decision. Before applying for anything, weigh the pros and cons to determine what’s right for your financial and situational needs.

7. NASA STEM Engagement Internship Program

NASA wants to encourage high school students to explore the world of STEM careers. They have multiple options available during the summer, fall, and spring semesters. You could spend time developing a celestial mapping system and leave your mark on the stars. Take a look to see which specialized internship you can do from home.

Unique roles like these will prepare you for specific jobs after college. They’re invaluable if you live away from locations like NASA centers that want to work for in-person one day. You’ll gain experience and know how to enter the workplace for whatever dream you’ve tailored to your interests.

8. Smithsonian Science Education Center Internship Program

Have you ever marveled at the many treasures hidden within the Smithsonian Institution? You could share the joy of learning about history with students as you prepare to become a teacher. The Smithsonian hires high school students for a variety of internships.

Once you learn more about what they offer, you can select a program that caters to your interests. You could spend the next six months removing barriers in the STEM field or learning how to manage digital platforms for the internationally known brand. Your resume will impress any future employer because the Smithsonian is an institution known for reputable, ground-breaking work.

Call Local Businesses

These 10 virtual internships for high school students are a great way to see how you can make a career out of your interests. While you apply for major brands and opportunities, remember that you’re only a phone call away from speaking with local businesses like newspapers, marketing companies, or magazines. Make a few quick calls and apply online to find a vast pool of upcoming high school internships.

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