8 Remote Internship Opportunities in Europe

Carolina Jacobs

Mar 26, 2021

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Before the pandemic, you may have dreamt of traveling abroad to work or study. Now, most organizations are only offering virtual opportunities. Sure, a remote internship might not feel as culturally immersive as an in-person internship. However, partaking in any kind of internship program is bound to boost your networking skills and give you a taste of what an international career might look like. 

Here are a few remote internship opportunities in Europe — and why they’d make an excellent choice for anyone looking to gain global experience and start their career off on the right foot. 

1. CEA Virtual Internships Abroad

Build your resume and gain valuable experience with CEA’s virtual internships. This organization offers opportunities in 10 cities in eight countries, including Spain, France, Ireland, Italy and the Czech Republic. Whether you’re majoring in journalism, business, arts, marketing or another field, you’re sure to find a placement that suits your interests. As long as your interviews reflect maturity, adaptability and curiosity, you’ll have no trouble gaining admission into the program and an opportunity that matches your cross-cultural goals. 

2. We Find Group’s Remote Global Online Internships

Global Internship by We Find Group is also offering a number of virtual internship opportunities in various European destinations including Paris, London, Stockholm and Spain. Their remote programs give students the chance to gain real-world experience working a full-time job while enhancing their global business competencies. Learn about the company’s culture, how the industry works and where you fit in. Depending on when the pandemic is over, you may also choose to finish your internship in person by the end of the program. 

3. Intern Abroad HQ

Customize your internship experience with Intern Abroad HQ. This organization offers more than 65 career-focused remote opportunities in Europe, Asia and Africa. Put your foreign language skills to the test and connect with your host organization through video calls and choose your own working hours at home. Commit to 100, 250 or 350 hours and enjoy guided experiential learning curriculum, personal online orientation and coaching and an international reference letter. 

4. Study Abroad Europe

Whether you’re looking at a career in finance, publishing, fine arts, sports training or fashion, Study Abroad Europe has an internship for you. Connect with a company in one of nine European countries and sharpen your business skills via online communication programs and project management platforms. Depending on which internship you choose you may receive a monthly stipend of 450 to 550 Euro. However, the experience you’ll gain will be worth so much more. 

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5. CAPA’s Online Global Internships

Learn how to work and thrive in an international environment with colleagues from all over the world through CAPA’s remote global internship program. Choose from hundreds of remote positions and gain remote professional networking experience. You may also benefit from the three credit Global Internship Course, which helps develop personal and professional skills. Placements are available in a range of fields including human resources, animation, fundraising, game design, business, education and more. 

6. Remote Internships from CareerUp

Launch your post-college career with a remote internship from CareerUp. Connect with European network partners in London or Barcelona and explore jobs in finance, computer engineering, accounting, marketing and more. Simply apply online, choose your career path and review remote internship offers. With 48% of partner companies hiring their interns, you’re likely to score a new job upon finishing the program. 

7. The Intern Group 

Enjoy an exciting internship in remote journalism, marketing, computer science, accounting or another field with The Intern Group. This organization partners with more than 3,000 host companies around the globe so you have plenty of “destinations” to choose from. If you’re accepted into an internship program, you’ll work with a supervisor from the host organization who will supervise your progress and give you holistic feedback. 

8. SAI Programs

While SAI is still offering in-person international internships, they’ve also begun offering remote opportunities during the pandemic. Hone your professional skills through an online experience with a Rome-based company. Develop tangible skills in marketing, digital promotion, health care, education and digital communication while gaining competitive advantage in the global workforce. A proficiency in Italian isn’t required. However, it may open up more internship opportunities. 

Making It Work 

When it comes to completing an internship program, finding your motivation and staying dedicated is essential. Once you find your niche and pick a program, you’ll have to set boundaries and establish office hours for yourself. Create a dedicated time and space for your internship and prioritize it like you would a real job. As long as you stay committed, you’re sure to have a wonderful experience — even if it’s at your dining room table or local coffee shop.

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